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Gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships

I’m a gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships. I can also answer questions regarding job/career/family. I discovered my gift around 30 years ago my mother grandmother and great grandmother also had the gift. I’m here to answer to answer any and all questions of the heart.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Astrology
  • Palmistry
  • Lost Object
  • Pets
  • Tarot
  • Angel Card
  • Tarot Reading
  • Past Life
  • Family
  • Career
  • Intimacy
  • Same Sex Relationships
  • Single & Dating
  • Cheating & Affairs
  • Breaking up & Divorce
  • Love & Relationship
  • Reuniting Loved Ones
  • Twin Flames
  • Soulmate Connections

Amy's Testimonials

09 Sep 2016 05:33

Amy was very detailed with her response and gave wonderful advice in my situation. I appreciate her honesty and the clarity I have been given. I look forward to her predictions :)

- Marissa

09 Sep 2016 03:54

I love how direct and clear she is. I hope good things happen!

- Sara

09 Sep 2016 02:04

thank you for my readingss !!

- Azaria

08 Sep 2016 21:28

update: she predicted that the man I'm into is a little shy and he just told me today that's a little shy. he also told me about the stress he's having as well.

- Michele P

08 Sep 2016 01:39

amy is amazing!

- Jen

07 Sep 2016 22:30

thank you for a ling detail and i will let you know of he does reach out i be back soon :0)

- Celia

07 Sep 2016 06:03

Update: she predicted I'd see my crush yesterday and I did..some of the things she said would happen actually happen, but I'm waiting for more predictions to come true.

- Michele P

06 Sep 2016 23:48

Update: she predicted I'd see my new crush today and I did! we have been getting to know each other lately!!

- Michele P

06 Sep 2016 19:28

Amy was very helpful but could have given some more details.

- Ashley

06 Sep 2016 04:27

shes very good!!!! thank you so much!!! ;)

- Rick

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