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Natural born spiritualist

CERTIFIED CLAIRVOYANT, THIRD GENERATION, BORN GIFTED, I have been serving the public with my gifts for over 18 years, I am the proud owner of a psychic shop in McDonough, GA where I have a huge fallowing of very satisfied clients. One Reading will prove to you that I am the one you have been looking for, with the answers you have been waiting to here …no sugar coating, no false promises Just the truth!!


Soulmate Connections
Twin Flames
Reuniting Loved Ones
Love & Relationship
Breaking up & Divorce
Cheating & Affairs
Single & Dating
Same Sex Relationships
Past Life
Tarot Reading
Angel Card
Lost Object
Dream Interpretation
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Mediumship & Spirit World Connections

Emma's Testimonials

08 Aug 2018 18:53

prediction about contact did not pass...cud b timeframes r bit off... m still hoping her other prediction come to pass..

- Trisha

03 Aug 2018 06:19

Mmm, Emma's prediction about my ex boyfriend came true about us getting back together but her other readings have been away off.... such as his sisters and family are happy we are back together... the family really dislike me at this moment. I'd say in the past his sister wanted to get to know me and his family happy with us both together but not now.... prediction about me getting my job was also away off ... I haven't heard back from my job but maybe the time frame is a little off so still hold a little hope. Sorry for the review Emma just wanted to be honest x

- Nicole

26 Jul 2018 22:42

i will do it pls..thx a ton

- S

26 Jul 2018 21:15

My last review was cut off. So to continue... Emma's prediction of contact was accurate and NOTHING else. She now said wait 4 weeks and things will changed when the POI has clearly moved on. Today you now say I'll meet someone new. Wish you told me this months ago. This is time I can never get back with additional hurt and tears which I shouldl have avoided. Ty though. You were nice but not accurate at all

- Moi

26 Jul 2018 19:47

Thanks Emma. Its funny cuz only a few days ago you told me he will be back

- Moi

26 Jul 2018 19:24

ok pls..i trust uou fully ..i will do..thx a ton

- S

25 Jul 2018 22:57

Thank you, Emma, for being right about the job prediction. It hurt that I didn't get it, but, at least you told the truth. Looking forward to the positive love predictions coming true!

- Brittany C

25 Jul 2018 21:51

Always accurate, sweet, quick- long- nice- responses

- Elizabeth Rose

25 Jul 2018 16:17

I'm so sorry Emma. You've been so nice and reassuring. But I don't think you could have or did see the horrible turn it all took just now. There's absolutely no chance now for what you said especially today or soon like you originally said. If I'm wrong and some sort of miracle changes this turn of events I'll review again I promise but it's not looking likely at all. It's all over.

- Melody

24 Jul 2018 20:24

Amazing! Accurate, fast, long responses

- Elizabeth Rose

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