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Natural born spiritualist

CERTIFIED CLAIRVOYANT, THIRD GENERATION, BORN GIFTED, I have been serving the public with my gifts for over 18 years, I am the proud owner of a psychic shop in McDonough, GA where I have a huge fallowing of very satisfied clients. One Reading will prove to you that I am the one you have been looking for, with the answers you have been waiting to here …no sugar coating, no false promises Just the truth!!


Emma's Testimonials

26-Dec-2016 @ 09:10:15

said that someone will come back into my life which they have! thank you! although she also said someone had told them stuff about me that wasnt true and apparently this wasnt the case? never mind! i believe this psychic has good intentions x

- Laura

25-Dec-2016 @ 18:04:28

Happy Holidays beautiful Emma, your readings are one of the best. Thank you for sharing your gift! xx

- Katherine

24-Dec-2016 @ 05:29:42

Thank you si much fir your insight!

- Naz

23-Dec-2016 @ 04:40:53

all my predictions are set yo hqppen in the next three months. will update when they come true

- Gabriella Salvo

22-Dec-2016 @ 08:30:54

All career predictions have come to pass! Looked back at messages and in Oct she said Id get 2 opportunities (got that month) and more surprises in Dec and I did big job came and she stuck to her timeframe.

- Marissa

13-Dec-2016 @ 07:01:40

very sweet and kind and accrate with her readings!! thank you Emma! :)

- Amani

13-Dec-2016 @ 00:00:01

very detailed in her readings and intutive with the situation without giving much information.

- Bets

12-Dec-2016 @ 22:03:19

disappointed with the reading. No detail and a generic response

- Natalie

11-Dec-2016 @ 18:20:07

i really connect with Emma and feel she is right and very accurate and fast. Give her a shot you wont be disappointed

- Katherine

10-Dec-2016 @ 05:39:04

Thank you girl for the positivity!!

- Katherine

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