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Natural born spiritualist

CERTIFIED CLAIRVOYANT, THIRD GENERATION, BORN GIFTED, I have been serving the public with my gifts for over 18 years, I am the proud owner of a psychic shop in McDonough, GA where I have a huge fallowing of very satisfied clients. One Reading will prove to you that I am the one you have been looking for, with the answers you have been waiting to here …no sugar coating, no false promises Just the truth!!


Soulmate Connections
Twin Flames
Reuniting Loved Ones
Love & Relationship
Breaking up & Divorce
Cheating & Affairs
Single & Dating
Same Sex Relationships
Past Life
Tarot Reading
Angel Card
Lost Object
Dream Interpretation
Crystal Ball
Mediumship & Spirit World Connections

Emma's Testimonials

15 Sep 2018 19:59

she gives great hope for me and it resonated with me so well thank you.

- Megan

13 Sep 2018 21:44

Going by Emma's last messages to me it sounds like she just told me what I want to hear, although she is lovely sweet and gentle with a very postive outlook I'm disappointed by the reading:(

- Nicole

12 Sep 2018 18:43

very quick response! i hope it comes true... great !!

- Ajay Kapoor

12 Sep 2018 18:42

thanks for the help i believe the same thing ... she is great

- Chris

12 Sep 2018 16:30

I honestly don't have that money now. Need to save again. Cause i use it on this cleansing didn't think will need more. Thought will be done in one go

- Joanne

11 Sep 2018 23:54

Hi Emma thought nothing was on me only him but do it on him that's more important thank u

- Joanne

11 Sep 2018 23:31

Thanku so much emma but u didn't answe the question abt the typ of connection we have...plz reply dat too will provide another 5star rating

- AR

11 Sep 2018 22:41

Emma LDR means long distance relationship...n i m asking if i sud trust him because i m having severe trust issues wid him because of his past n he is asking me to trust him again n not judge him based on his past.. m sorry the second question i asked for clarity please respond to what i m writing here if you were unclear on what i asked you in the question.

- AR

11 Sep 2018 17:55

Hi Emma I thought u said u was doing the aura cleansing already. That's what u said when u started this and gave 7 to 10 days guarantee on it.

- Joanne

09 Sep 2018 22:02

grreat she isnsuper detaiked and honest and hopeful, i like this one

- Alexandra

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