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I Specialize in Love, Relationships & Career

Hello I am psychic candy I have over 10 years of experience. Helping and guiding people! To their desired path of happiness and joy! I specialize in love relationships career finances! And most of all answering those devastating questions" Will I ever find true love? Or will my partner be returning? My gift is something very rare I pick up and feel energies immediately" and I also use my tarot cards for more details so stop being confused join me on a reading for your better tomorrow and your honest accurate reading blessings.


Candy's Testimonials

01-Feb-2019 @ 01:48:42

She’s very nice and assuring. She has been accurate from the times I asked for her help. Thank again Candy.

- Ori

30-Jan-2019 @ 09:50:51

Thanks a lot dear

- S

30-Jan-2019 @ 09:50:40

Thx dear

- S

28-Dec-2018 @ 18:33:45

Thank you

- Laura

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:41:05

- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:40:59

- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:40:51

There have been a few instances where I uave had to really probe to get something put of Candy.... but when I do she has wuoted exact words of my love interest... and zi mean exact! Somwtimes I can tell she tired and a lil out of tune, but when shes in tune.... WHOA!!!!!!!

- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:38:54


- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:38:47

The best!

- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:38:40

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!

- Sarah

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