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I Specialize in Love, Relationships & Career

Hello I am psychic candy I have over 10 years of experience. Helping and guiding people! To their desired path of happiness and joy! I specialize in love relationships career finances! And most of all answering those devastating questions" Will I ever find true love? Or will my partner be returning? My gift is something very rare I pick up and feel energies immediately" and I also use my tarot cards for more details so stop being confused join me on a reading for your better tomorrow and your honest accurate reading blessings.


Candy's Testimonials

07-Apr-2019 @ 23:50:18

Omg I love me some candy she is so real very honest and very truthful she get into the details will you need to do in life God bless you Kandy thank you for everything

- Shetavea

01-Feb-2019 @ 01:48:42

She’s very nice and assuring. She has been accurate from the times I asked for her help. Thank again Candy.

- Ori

30-Jan-2019 @ 09:50:51

Thanks a lot dear

- S

30-Jan-2019 @ 09:50:40

Thx dear

- S

28-Dec-2018 @ 18:33:45

Thank you

- Laura

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:41:05

- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:40:59

- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:40:51

There have been a few instances where I uave had to really probe to get something put of Candy.... but when I do she has wuoted exact words of my love interest... and zi mean exact! Somwtimes I can tell she tired and a lil out of tune, but when shes in tune.... WHOA!!!!!!!

- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:38:54


- Sarah

27-Nov-2018 @ 18:38:47

The best!

- Sarah

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