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Naturally Gifted Clairvoyant, Angel Reader

As a Clairvoyant I see images and hear information from guides and angels and energy. I get straight to the truth on how someone is thinking or feeling about another person to help you understand the situation with Clarity. Please get in touch if you have questions that you need to have answered. 

Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you away from growing. My powerful abilities are just what you need to achieve Clarity and peace of mind. My gift is connecting easily to cosmic energy from all levels and dimensions of the universe I intuit from the vast goodness that is our universe, very specific information for each individual in need. I happily give guidance in the arenas of love and relationships as well as business and wealth.

You need nothing less than the TRUTH to your concerns and questions. You deserve an accurate and honest Reading. I have helped many people realize the answers they need. 


Faith's Testimonials

19-Mar-2019 @ 17:08:17

She is very kind, answers are to the point. Some of her predictions have come true but waiting for the relationship to grow as she said.

- Trudy

10-Mar-2019 @ 01:14:17

She seems very lovely really caring thank you Faith❤

- Jo

05-Mar-2019 @ 00:51:14

I don't believe anything she says not psychic

- RC

03-Mar-2019 @ 14:36:25

And always be there for you when u need answers

- Linda davidson

03-Mar-2019 @ 14:35:40

Very accurate an good hearted person

- Linda davidson

03-Mar-2019 @ 14:34:55

She is so nice an a honest person

- Linda davidson

02-Mar-2019 @ 23:42:21

Faith has the lowest price on here that makes me turn to her. Her answers are very short.... she told me my boyfriends mate wouldn't cross the line and try anything with me but this isnt what i was picking up from him, he told me he wants me and would want to hook up after i split with my boyfriend... his mate im disgusted by him so ive set a line for him not to cross again.

- Nicole

01-Mar-2019 @ 16:46:30

Faith responds quickly and she is very accurate!!!!!

- Elizabeth Rose

23-Feb-2019 @ 05:55:47

Was right about girl’s intentions and how it would affect him & me.

- Brittany C

23-Feb-2019 @ 05:24:42

Unfortunately, wrong. I have FB confirmation that she came here and is with him. Using black magic to get someone is evil & doesn’t win, but she’s here & I do have to worry.

- Brittany C

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