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iPhone App - In-App Purchase - I Didn't Get Credit After Purchase As Purchase is PENDING

Jade Thompson Nov 29, 2019 No Comment 976 views

The most common problem of you not receiving credit after purchase is that purchase is pending on App store.

This may happen due to many technical reasons such as App store is down or there is problem with your payment method or your bank has not cleared payment etc. etc.

This is not our problem as we are not involved in payment processing. Apple does all the payments.

Normally such pending purchases are cleared in few days (1-3 days). 

You can forward us purchase receipt after payment is cleared and we will credit missing amount.

If In-app purchase is pending because your bank hasn't cleared your purchase and this payment hasn't reached Apple's App store. then there may be some issue with your bank account/card. Please contact your bank and ask them the reason for not clearing the payment.

In future ff your payment is cleared by the bank and it no longer shows PENDING on the statements then contact us with screenshot of purchase and we will credit amount.

P.S. We don't process your payment. All purchases are processed by Apple.