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02 Aug 2016 20:52

Thank you, but you forgot to answer one question.. when will i meet the rest of his family?

- Michele P

02 Aug 2016 19:13

thank you! always answers all my questions, has been accurate!! she is intune. love her!

- Leah

02 Aug 2016 18:31

thank you i hope it comes to pass

- Derricka

02 Aug 2016 18:05

thank you very quick respond and caring read!

- Michelle

02 Aug 2016 17:35

this lady is amazing she dse turly care abt your feeling and help to mk u understnd the hurtful times i am going thou i defo will be coming bk to her again . x

- Chetz

02 Aug 2016 16:41

thanks once again tanya! so detailed!

- Michelle

02 Aug 2016 16:37

she is so sweet and caring snd has a true gift i reccommend highly

- Josi

02 Aug 2016 16:33

very quick respond! thank you for the reads :)

- Michelle

02 Aug 2016 06:51

thank you nina

- Chau

02 Aug 2016 05:56

thank you jenna still wating for your prediction come to pass

- Chau

02 Aug 2016 05:55

Sonia, you're a nice person, i really missed talking to you. i need you help guiding me and give me advice. i hope you read this and answer my message.. thank you

- Chau

02 Aug 2016 05:54

Sonia, you're a nice person and i really missed talking to you. i need your guidance and give me advice. i hope you read this and answer my message plz. thank you.

- Chau

02 Aug 2016 04:56

I sure do hope that when everything falls into place you're still around!! Who am I going to bother with my childish problems and fears? You are so amazing and bring clarity to my life.

- Elizabeth

02 Aug 2016 04:38

very good connection!!! thank you so much!!! ;)

- Rick

02 Aug 2016 04:38

From the words of Robert DeNiro, "you, you, you're good you!" ;)

- Rick

02 Aug 2016 04:32

From the words of Robert DeNiro, "You, you, you're good you!" Very good connection and looking forward to predictions! thank you and will be talking soon!! ;)

- Rick

02 Aug 2016 04:31

Raquel I don't know how you do it, girl! You never let me down! Within hours everything you said came to pass and you walked me through exactly what I needed to do. You're amazing. <3 We will talk soon!!

- Elizabeth

02 Aug 2016 03:50

im out of money til tomorrow can u please send me a free message tobight telling me what all u feel snd see with me snd chris situstion ! i promise to get bsxk to u ! i want lots of detsils thenk u love

- Josi

02 Aug 2016 03:43

thank you nina!

- Michelle

02 Aug 2016 03:17

Tanya is compassionate and insightful. Her readings and replies are long and comprehensive, offering great reveals and understanding. Thank you.

- Roshan

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