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Naturally Born seer with powerful abilities

I’m Tayuka. Naturally gifted psychic/seer. I’m an African traditionalist with a great deal of experience in professional psychic readings have been reading for over 15 years, I also have a great record of professional spiritual help rendered to people off all cultures, races and works of life. Thousands of people from all over the world have had the opportunity to meet me for readings which I must say has changed their lives in one way or the other. I’m expert in love & relationships, money & career, twinflames & soulmates, past life, dream interpretation, health & wellness. My predictions are on point, I say it the way I see it. No sugar coating. If you seek truth, accuracy, powerful connection and a great reading you are in the right place. You are a step closer to the solution of your problem when you seek to know it’s cause and how to deal with it. That is why I’m here to assist and will happily do that from the bottom of my heart as it is my purpose on earth.


Tayuka's Testimonials

11-Sep-2019 @ 12:05:43

I didn't feel much a connection nor a vibe with his reading. There was no in-depth check on the past, because others tuned into the past and knew things I didn't tell them, but I appreciate his sincerity.

- Shannon

08-Sep-2019 @ 17:16:25

Always replies fast with long detailed answers! Would defo recommend and use again! Thanks Tayuka!

- Rebecca

30-Aug-2019 @ 01:54:15

Thank you for your help!

- Gill

26-Aug-2019 @ 22:13:21

I wanted to know if he would have followed through on today's date which he didn't. I appreciate the advice, but good is it if I cannot connect with him in the first place?

- Alexa

26-Aug-2019 @ 15:41:11

I would say some of it was right but the other side of it just doesn't tally what lots of other psychics on here said, i feel he didn't go into depth of emotions enough for me a little bit blarzair, I'm sorry I don't think Tayuka connected well

- Trueblue

26-Aug-2019 @ 12:24:09

Thank you for your readings especially for getting back to me to clarify. He is extremely detailed in his readings and his readings resonate with me.

- Nanthini

26-Aug-2019 @ 11:15:36

In my first message, I was asking you about another man, not Andrew. But you applied your reading on Robert to Andrew, can you please clarify?

- Nanthini

25-Aug-2019 @ 21:49:30

Thorough, straightforward, honest and clear response. Thank you

- Ty Ty

25-Aug-2019 @ 21:16:39

Thank you clear and in line with what others have said . Just didn’t seem to answer my question as to whether we will get back together and if so when. But thank you for your detailed reply

- Laura

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