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I’m a psychic that helps in all matters of life

I am a true born psychic, 7th generation, with the ability to foresee into the future providing insight on love and relationships, business, and past loved ones. I don’t sugar coat. If there is bad in the reading I will give you a honest blunt answer in a respectful way. I love to bring insight and clarity to my clients and bring balance. I specialize in love but cover all life matters. I’m excited to share my gift with you!


Tiger's Testimonials

22-Aug-2019 @ 22:51:00

She’s so amazing and kind. Always answers me with such loving honesty. Five stars all the way!

- Kaci

21-Aug-2019 @ 10:38:14

You definitely hit the nail on the head, and we did talk about our fears about falling in love. For him, it was getting cheated on and someone bringing the bad out of him. For me, it's just losing myself in the connection and getting hurt in the process, especially if I've made a compromise/sacrifice for the relationship. The only follow-up clarifying question is, 'why haven't I heard from him? Is he ghosting/ignoring me, or just busy with work?' He is a blind date, and asked for more pictures because the one he originally received from my friend is my face. I would be down for the love spell, only if the feelings are mutual. Thanks

- Alexa

19-Aug-2019 @ 20:53:45

She did a good job of answering all of my concerns and questions. Response time was quick as well. Still a little confused on the guy I’m currently seeing. What advice or future do you see for Chris and I or is there any timing to anything

- Jordan

18-Aug-2019 @ 00:57:50

She tapped in to my situation very well and said she’d be willing to help me get my love interest back. Thank you for your help Tiger! I just want to know how I can get him to talk to me again?

- Melissa

16-Aug-2019 @ 20:58:24

Tiger was perceptive, helpful, and accurate . She not only answered my question with accuracy she also gave me some helpful advice and suggestions

- Cora

16-Aug-2019 @ 03:28:04

Thank you. Very accurate and intune with ny situation. Can you tell me what he thinks about when he's thinking about me?

- Brittany

07-Aug-2019 @ 14:15:47

She was very spot on about my situation . I recommend her because of the accurate information she provides

- ariel Terrell

31-Jul-2019 @ 12:12:53

My question was not really answered seems to me the focus was more on getting more money about what you can do for me, if your so good in reading then you should have seen that I'm good in magical spiritArt

- Sandra Grayson

31-Jul-2019 @ 08:08:09

Offered services of a love spell. Her response was also generic

- Nanthini

31-Jul-2019 @ 00:26:00

Super quick reply & was spot on with my situation I will definitely use her again . Give her a try I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Thank you tiger. Can I ask what you see romantically for my future ?

- Dannett

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