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3rd Generation Psychic. Love Healer and Advisor

Master Love Psychic Healer and Advisor. Help in all Love matters. Such as Love, Relationships, Marriages, Separation/Divorce. Stop feeling lost and confused. I have all the answers your looking for.


Priscilla's Testimonials

14-Apr-2019 @ 21:28:07

Didnt give her any information other than birthdays and names. Very good detail. Thank you

- Theressa

14-Apr-2019 @ 16:38:33

The reading was purely guessing & she just picked up randomly a name out of the 3 persons I asked with whom I've had z worst past and said I'll marry him and the truth is I dnt communicate with him. I share gr8 connection with some else.. Disappointed

- Trisha

13-Apr-2019 @ 18:36:48

Hi i just found out :( so i dont know how long but you said he didnt??? :( im devastated

- Xx

10-Apr-2019 @ 02:54:42

She gives me hope and her message was very thorough. I hope prediction comes to pass. Thank you

- L

10-Apr-2019 @ 02:41:43


- AR

09-Apr-2019 @ 18:19:31

Hi thank you but there are a few typos so some parts of your message are difficult to understand. Also you are saying that based on our names we are a match but you mispelled his name throughout your reading - please read my original message as his name is C. not G. Could you please get back to me to clarify? Thank you!

- Xx

08-Apr-2019 @ 16:19:31

Really good. So accurate and lengthy replies done in a timely matter. Hoping prediction comes to pass

- Laura

08-Apr-2019 @ 15:58:55

Very helpful and kind . Thanks a lot

- Princy

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