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Experienced Psychic Empath, with Over 20 years experience.

Chrissie has 23 years of experience helping people with their journey. She is a psychic, empath and communicates these gifts through the cards. In addition to my psychic and empath gifts, she has also worked in mental health. She has a master’s degree in Social Work and 18 years of professional experience guiding and counselling families and individuals. This allows her to understand the overall importance of your individual journey, respect confidentiality and give you earthly, as well as cosmic guidance.

You will receive non-judgemental advice and you should expect complete sincerity and honesty from a reading with Christine.

She believes in Karma and positive energy, clear energy that moves us on our path of happiness, love and success. She gives back to her community, so that her gifts are enhanced and strong for those she advises. In other words, she has strong energy and karma to spare.


Chrissie's Testimonials

06-Aug-2018 @ 04:26:40

Well i cant get mad timeframes changes thanks for the reading

- Tiffany

06-Aug-2018 @ 03:19:49

And she replied back in 2 mins i dont even think she looked deep into my question wow

- Tiffany

31-Jul-2018 @ 16:02:03

Contradicting predictions

- Lee

28-Jul-2018 @ 19:21:36

Thank so much! I only have 2 years left to get my PhD in psychology!! super exciting!

- Sanaz

28-Jul-2018 @ 14:26:08

I love her readings shes very honest

- Tiffany

27-Jul-2018 @ 17:49:20

thank you for thre reading but not a hope in hell i will be contacting him x

- Just me

27-Jul-2018 @ 06:02:25

Fast reply. But very general and short, not fully answering my questions, and it's not detail

- CE

23-Jul-2018 @ 03:57:32

Thank u so much her readings makes alot of sense i will wait patiently for prediction to come to pass in august awesome reading

- Tiffany

23-Jul-2018 @ 01:48:16

Thank you so much! great insight!!

- Sanaz

13-Jul-2018 @ 11:09:10

Ty. Would have appreciated if she was more specific and offered more detail. But her predictions match what others have told me.

- Iya

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