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Experienced Psychic Empath, with Over 20 years experience.

Chrissie has 23 years of experience helping people with their journey. She is a psychic, empath and communicates these gifts through the cards. In addition to my psychic and empath gifts, she has also worked in mental health. She has a master’s degree in Social Work and 18 years of professional experience guiding and counselling families and individuals. This allows her to understand the overall importance of your individual journey, respect confidentiality and give you earthly, as well as cosmic guidance.

You will receive non-judgemental advice and you should expect complete sincerity and honesty from a reading with Christine.

She believes in Karma and positive energy, clear energy that moves us on our path of happiness, love and success. She gives back to her community, so that her gifts are enhanced and strong for those she advises. In other words, she has strong energy and karma to spare.


Chrissie's Testimonials

21-Nov-2018 @ 15:23:01

Answered all my questions. Explained each card she pulled. Fingers crossed it pans out well.

- Melanie

20-Nov-2018 @ 23:00:52

She has been giving good readings the last few times and I feel she's been honest. Truth hurts but it is way better than being told sugar coated lies. I agree in the past her readings at times have been short but the last few were quite detailed.

- Nanthini

24-Sep-2018 @ 18:41:02

Shortest. reply. ever.

- Gill

16-Sep-2018 @ 13:03:02

Wrote back with 3 words. So $5.50 for 3 words and she wasn't correct. Was pretty dissapointed.

- Alira

04-Sep-2018 @ 12:45:47

I have spoken to other psychics on here and each psychic has said he would come back within 3 months. She said he isnt coming back at all. I dont feel we connected she sent me two lines and wasnt detailed enough. wouldn't recommend.

- Laura

04-Sep-2018 @ 03:57:28

Ok...first wen i asked her about my reltnshp it was going thru a rough patch both of us had doubts whether to cntinu reltnshp or not...he wnted to b single i wnted to b single we had brk ups n patch ups..c said dat c sees a very strong connection between us n i sud hold on to the relationship...but wen again i asked specifically that he wants to break up c said let him d things is wen i asked her d first tym also the things n issues between us wer d same but c suggested to hold on and only after i mentioned the issue specifically c said to let first request...plz provide psychic insights...not recommendations or advice......if u see a connection worth staying ask to stay or hold on if u r seeing connection is not that strong be honest enough to say it in first place

- AR

21-Aug-2018 @ 19:47:02

Thank you

- S

10-Aug-2018 @ 21:56:38

Great advice , helpful, accurate, kind

- Terri daniel

06-Aug-2018 @ 21:48:30

False predictions! First she said my guy and I were soulmates and it made her happy to see love like it then she said things are over and it would take too long for him to come back.. Sorry Chrissie you lost my trust..

- Melissa

06-Aug-2018 @ 15:54:32

Happy thank you

- Ilona

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