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Fast, Accurate & Truthful Answers

Fast and Accurate. Truthful Answers from a Caring and Experienced Adviser. Get accurate information on your love life, career, finances, friends and family, children, dreams and more! Get help with addictions, divorce, illness, relationship issues, anxiety and depression. Life is full of crossroads that leave us with difficult decisions to make. Things at times can be extremely overwhelming. I have the tools and experience to help you make changes now to correct the course your life is on, I can provide guidance with love to ensure a successful, happy relationship. Bring an end to a long-term addiction. Reduce stress and allow yourself to live a happy, peaceful life! Gain self-esteem. Find out the meaning of your dreams. Give me a chance to help improve the quality of your current life and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Sandy's Testimonials

16-Jul-2019 @ 10:16:11

False hopes..

- Nanthini

10-Jun-2019 @ 03:37:48

Didn’t really answer my questions. Also asked if me I was aware of an issue that she saw instead of telling me what it was. I wasn’t going to buy another credit, she could have just said what she saw.

- L

18-May-2019 @ 23:09:20

Which guy are you talking about? Very short and vague. Please give more detail and I will change my rating.

- Kelli

24-Jan-2019 @ 18:16:21

Can you please tell me more bout the services you are offering? Thanks Becky (one asking bout sev)

- Rebecca

24-Jan-2019 @ 03:47:32

Pls can you redo my reading and pls answer my questions?

- Iya

12-Oct-2018 @ 09:26:06

Prediction did not come to pass. She gave me false hopes.

- Maryn

22-Sep-2018 @ 23:09:46

a short and unmotivated answear.

- Jennifer

18-Sep-2018 @ 01:41:04

dear sandy, please answer my questions. I have a bad memory problem and I need to know the truth.. you are my favorite so far. thank you so much.

- Grace Choi

17-Sep-2018 @ 22:41:04

I spoke to sandy twice, I havent went back due to her calling my boyfriend philly, not sure where she got that from but I guess shes right about the situation not effecting our relationship.

- Nicole

16-Sep-2018 @ 01:31:02

Sandy did not read my last question and gave me a fluff response

- RC

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