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Psychic Job FAQs

How do we get paid?

You will send payment directly to your bank account or Paypal. 

How often do we get paid?

You can cash out any time provided your balance is $100 or more.

Can I cash out multiple times on the same day?

Yes, you can cash out any time without any restrictions as long as your balance has reached $100.

Can I use someone else's bank account to receive payment?

Yes you can use any bank account to receive payment.

Can we use mobile apps to reply and offer services or we have to use the web app?

It is all connected to the same system so you can use any from iPhone App, Android App or Web app. Live Chat, Phone & Video services is not supported on all browsers so we recommend using mobile apps for offering services.

Is working time flexible?

Yes. You can login and work whenever you wish.

Do you have a web based platform so I can use my laptop or do I only work from my phone?

Yes. You can use web based platforms as well as mobile apps. Once you are hired you will get a link to login on the web platform.

Livestreaming – does that mean basically like a live cam video streaming like a chat room? Sorry, I don’t understand the live streaming fully.

Yes, it is live streaming but it's not a live chat to give reading. You can live stream to let customers know that you are online and available for reading. You can also use it to introduce yourself, tools/methods you use and services you offer. 

How many hours do we have to log each week?

There is no such requirement, you can log in anytime you wish and for as many hours as you wish.

Do we get paid weekly or monthly?

You can cash out anytime as soon as your balance reaches $100.

How does the payment/commission structure work? Let's say I charge $3 per minute – how much of that do I get and how much do you take?

Your earning is % of cost to the customer. Let's say you are on a 30% revenue share then you will earn $1/minute if you have set the cost to the customer to be $3/minute.

Do you have a minimum amount before you pay out?

Yes, it is $100.

Must we pre- book when we will be online – like a diary setup – or can I log on anytime of any day?

No, you don't have to pre-book. You can change your status online anytime you wish.