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Natural born, fifth generation, love specialist.

Hello I am love specialist May, thank you for viewing my profile, I specialize in all areas of love such as relationships, love, cheating, affairs, crushes, love chakra, love Tarot, and much more, please contact me today to find clarity, peace of mind, happiness, and enjoyment in life, I do not specialize in job or business questions, pregnancy questions, and medical questions.


May's Testimonials

14-Sep-2019 @ 21:10:59

Sad to say the predictions havent come to pass in fact the opposite happened :(

- Xx

10-Sep-2019 @ 05:21:20

Thank you I didn’t understand the miss part can you explain to me

- Honey

10-Sep-2019 @ 00:35:48

Hi May thank you i understand but it's been a year now it's going on too long he should know his feelings by now, I'm sadly losing patience xx

- Trueblue

08-Sep-2019 @ 03:39:05

Very fast response and very detailed. I pray that what she says comes into fruition

- jalanda

07-Sep-2019 @ 11:57:44

Answering quickly with details

- Nassrin

06-Sep-2019 @ 20:53:30

Hi May it maybe a good idea for a cleansing I'll wait a little longer then let you know xx

- Trueblue

05-Sep-2019 @ 21:57:04

Highly recommended

- KidK

05-Sep-2019 @ 01:38:55

Thank you

- Dolores

04-Sep-2019 @ 13:56:54

Quick to reply, thank you

- Gia

04-Sep-2019 @ 02:57:56

Didn't come to pass

- Alexa

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