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Discover Your Inner Power Through 5 Steps To Self Actualisation

By Avatah 13-Dec-2022 292 views No Comments

inner power Have you ever thought about the longevity of truthful living and life that is fulfilled with lies only. You may cross this path starting from small lies to the people around you. Why were you late to work or why didn’t you come to work? “I do not have to tell my boss that there was a party at my house and I do not feel well - having a hangover”. Of course you don’t have to, but what are you doing to yourself following this way? I mean in a long term. Isn’t this one, small lie an opening the Pandora’s box? 

What would you? If I tell you that the quality of your life, and the level of your happiness starts within you? 

Indeed, that is the truth, every word, action but also every thought and emotion, is a type of an amount of energy that has a frequency and it becomes to existence. Rather you carry it within yourself or ignore it. The cells of your body remember it and you hold it within. That is why there is a tendency and focus on inner development, to start living in a more aware way. In this article you will find a method with a first and single step. Yet, without it, there is unfortunately no change. You may direct your energy into materialisation or  ignore it. Each of your decisions will have an impact on you, your life and the quality of your life. 

Modern technology, apart from its benefits, pushes us unconsciously into changing the facts about our reality, sometimes even causing dimension. It helps us somehow to handle the hardness of reality, but also, at the same time opens a gate- a dangerous aspect of virtual world where the borders are very thin in accordance to reality. Most of the time they are illusions, that help us to create such world to be perfect for only our eyes. 

As human beings we are tend to achieve comfort, and happiness in our life. The source and the seed of happy life starts within ourselves. And that seems to be natural reaction. We want to be happy and live in a happy way. We all strive for survival but one may dream only about better quality of life and one may take certain and conscious actions to achieve it. On which side do you want to put yourself on?

The risk of a small lie in modern times might be just the beginning into a life based on lies. 

It is really important to actualize the truth about lies. And what part does it actually take in our daily duties. 

As mentioned before the era of social media gives us more possibilities to create visions and profiles of ourselves, that may only come from our dreams, unfulfilled expectations, and most of the time there may be no analogy to facts and truth about ourselves. Ignoring the power of being authentic and accepting ourselves. It takes courage to live in such way, but it gives freedom, inner peace and stability.

Lately, authenticity, honesty, integrity seem to become a niche. The truth is that this type of attitude holds power and strength within, as much as its source - the source of truth. Trough this type of lifestyle; courage, bravery, but also learning the ability to overcome the fear of loneliness. Strengthens character, will power and helps to achieve sense in life. But the most important thing is that it allows us to stay ourselves. Also when a person needs to stand by himself with own opinions and points of view, defending them, one needs to awake this potential within. To value truth beyond lies is an act of inner strength, rightfulness righteousness, but also it is a sign that this person is following the middle path - the one that had been described in many holly books. The symbolic right and left and middle path in life has, or may have variety of meanings. In accordance to self, individuality, humans as a group of people living in a society, or simply a human being in accordance to any type of commandments, precepts we may use this universal symbol as a sign, a direction to follow. When taking a step for awhile and understanding it from another cognitional level of existence- it’s deeper meaning. One may get to the point that it is always worthy to investigate reality and yourself. Three different paths to follow, seem to be clear in this case. You may leave your life as someone who follows righteousness, against any strictures or follow the middle part. What could it be in the analogy to this particular symbol?

The worth of these two different paths to follow, is thinner than a breath, and it is hidden in the ability of  making decisions based on higher values. 

There are only 5 steps in ATTL approach in Your single step.

Authenticity and Truth Towards Life approach (ATTL)

1) Define truth. Remind Yourself how does it feel to be and act in the authentic way.
2) Define lie. Remind Yourself how did You feel when someone lied to You. 
3) Choice. Choose Your Path.
4) Act. Have courage to take responsibility for the quality of Your life.
5) Discover and become aware of Your inner power.

Don’t only imagine Your life, start realising it. The change is in a one single step. Bring back the control over the quality of Your life and self esteem. No one can do it except you. You don’t need any of the devices any of other technology to practice and start practising it in this moment and from this moment. On the other side, there’s always prolonging or ignoring after gaining some information. That seems to be a natural reaction nowadays. Because life is hard and we don’t have time for anything we need to carry on and take care of our families and focus on surviving. Beyond this schematic thinking and behaviour, and there is something deeper than that, but only through awareness and consciousness decisions, you are able to have a real impact on the quality of your life. So what do you choose? Is it your time now or not? 

Which ever decision you are making now, may you be sure that you can break that yesterday dream, and wake yourself up for a better future now.


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