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How To Deal With A Difficult Boss

By Amelia 17-Jan-2022 355 views No Comments

The workplace is the place where we must inevitably spend a good number of hours a day. For that reason, if we can be good in it, both physically and emotionally, so much the better. Without a doubt, we will gain it in health and we will also perform much more.

Indeed, many of us are not unhappy with their bosses; Others, on the other hand, may not be so happy with their superior and perhaps they would like the relationship to be more fluid. This task may appear complicated, but it is not impossible.

How can we deal with a difficult boss?

f1e339b6.jpg If your boss is one of those people who has an aggressive character most of the time, it will be a bit more complicated than if his attitude or hostile comments from him are the result of stress; or pressure from their superiors, for example.
For this reason, you would first have to assess whether the difficult attitude of your boss is a specific thing. If so, you better not take it personally against yourself. Conversely; he thinks that he may have reasons for behaving that way ... and he likely is.

He thinks that, no matter how boss he is, he is a person and also needs to vent. When you put that interpretation on hostile behavior, it is much easier to get along. And also, it prevents you from adopting a behavior that can be counterproductive.

For example, you could also be aggressive by giving a bad answer, or you could be a little predisposed to collaborate in the company. And you might even think about doing your work more slowly; And that in the long run can hurt you more than anything else.

How to understand my boss

As long as the unpleasant attitude that your boss may have is something specific, one option that can help you understand your boss is to put yourself in his place for a moment.

Think about what responsibilities he has; what are the objectives of the company and therefore yours. Who is accountable to; What consequences can poor performance have for him, how would you be if you had the same responsibilities, etc. When you become aware of all those details, you will be able to understand him a little better.

Another possibility that would explain aggressive behavior is that your boss reports to other people who are asking for and expecting results and productivity; With which, your boss may also be being pressured.

What if my boss has a mania for me?

But, it might not be the boss's stress that makes you aggressive; but it is something that has to do with you. In this case, if you suspect or have doubts, you better ask him directly.

Don't come to your workstation with a loaded shotgun and your finger on the trigger. Listening to what your boss has to tell you does not have to be a catastrophe, on the contrary: it is an opportunity to improve yourself.

Ask him if there is something you are not doing correctly; or if you can improve your job performance in something. Before you are left with discomfort and discomfort because those negative emotions are not going to solve anything; it is better to leave doubts and thus have the possibility of solving them.

Also, as I said, when you ask what you are doing wrong, you have the opportunity to improve.

Believe it or not, it is not the majority of bosses who are aggressive and inconsiderate, quite the contrary: with most of them, you can talk and reach agreements. So talking to your boss to resolve a situation doesn't have to be that complicated.

When you disagree with the boss

But it is possible that you don´t agree with the complaints of your boss, about your performance at work. In that case, you can argue why you do some things in that particular way. It could be that your boss has not realized that your way of working is not so bad.

However; If you do not convince him, and he insists on his way of seeing it, it is almost better that you listen to him. After all, he is the boss and the one who tells you how he wants things. But this is as long as it is related to the functions assigned to you; Which doesn't mean you have to say yes to everything.

Of course, to refuse to do something that does not correspond to you, it would be good if you looking for an answer, with which it does not seem that you are denying yourself. A good idea is to offer an alternative, "I can't do that myself, but you can ask.... that he is the expert in that specific task ", for example.

Avoid behaviors that your boss dislikes

If you have been with the company for some time and you know your boss a little, you likely know what kind of situations or mistakes they cannot bear; the ones that make you explode. If you know this data, take special care of it. In this way, you will avoid that uncomfortable situation where he gets angry, catches your attention and then you are left with the discomfort.

All these attitudes on your part can soften the relationship with your boss in those days that, for whatever reason, he is in a worse mood.

What to do if your boss is unbearable

But if your boss is one of those who have a bad character most of the time; If you know that he is not interested in your problems and that he is not going to listen to any opinion other than his, it is better that you take another attitude.

Do your best not to focus your attention on his attitude, or what he says, or how he says it; just interact with it as strictly necessary and focus on your functions.

In other words: just do your job and let him take care of his bad temper.

If he uses an aggressive tone of voice when he addresses you, which may be likely, don't imitate him. Stay calm and modulate your tone of voice. It could be that the next time he has something to say to you, he will imitate you; and he speaks to you in a softer tone.

Finally, if your boss is unbearable and manages to make your life bitter, it would be good if you value the possibility of looking for another job: and gain in health and tranquility.


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