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24 Apr 2017 19:49

I liked how Sarika was very honest to me about my question, I am starting to agree with her and see she is right. I deserve better and I think she has helped me look forward to my future instead of even considering my past relationship. Thank you for your honesty I will be coming back for an update

- Erica

24 Apr 2017 16:38

Iffat is absolutely amazing!

- Elizabeth

24 Apr 2017 15:31

Absolutely great and thank you so much. Much Love

- Monika

24 Apr 2017 15:18

bang on

- Just me

24 Apr 2017 15:17

great reading

- Just me

24 Apr 2017 09:38

love love love, thank you xxx

- Just me

24 Apr 2017 06:46

can you answer all my questions please?

- Just me

23 Apr 2017 21:37

thank you again for the reading

- Celia

23 Apr 2017 20:27

the best!

- Charlotte

23 Apr 2017 18:46

Deborah is wonderful x

- Reema

23 Apr 2017 17:58

thank u so much but it would be great if would tell me which month?

- T

23 Apr 2017 17:57

gives good details on my situation, thank you

- Michelle

23 Apr 2017 15:57

Chatted with Nina a few times and she is always spot on!

- Elizabeth

23 Apr 2017 03:56

thank you Candy!!! You're always right! he text right after I msg you and said he'd call tomorrow. Its almost as if he senses our telepathic communications and answer them directly! You're such a blessing girl! Thanks for everything

- Sarah

23 Apr 2017 01:42

amazing!! long detailed messages full of amazing postive advice. loved her ..looking foward to the future

- Em

23 Apr 2017 00:24

I truly believe she connects well with me and does not say things to make me feel better.

- Lauren

22 Apr 2017 23:13

im actually gwtting really annoyed tgat she comes on abs wastes times telling you that whatever it is positive or negative she will tell you umm thats what we are PAYING you to do there is no need to tell me that also i NEVER write reviews this us my first do dont ask me wheb im paying you to do a reading yo write a review the reading was awful she put no energy into it and spent 3/4 of the message on bullshit are you happy with the truth???

- Jessica

22 Apr 2017 23:02

really vague, not worth the money :(

- Angel

22 Apr 2017 23:01

thank you!

- Michelle

22 Apr 2017 19:06

Gave Nina 5star coz her prediction were spot on for me. I've been chatting to her again and I hope she right again. Thank u. xx

- Hope1970

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