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26 Jun 2017 06:24

Navaya ❤

- Reema

26 Jun 2017 03:46

amazing predictions all came to pass she is tge real deal and i definitely recommend.. also thank you so much for the tarotscope and advice! :)

- Mania

26 Jun 2017 00:38

Good insight.

- Lauren

25 Jun 2017 22:09

My predictions are set a few months in the future, but it is the people who are impatient that bothers me. Please keep your negative vibes to yourself! Thanks Brittany....

- HarrGirl

25 Jun 2017 21:51

I asked a yes,no questions yet she gave me advice and said HE IS WORTH THE FIGHT I didnt ask for advice I have specific questions which need to be answered just wasting of money

- T

25 Jun 2017 20:41

Thank you! so insightful! xoxo

- Natalie

25 Jun 2017 19:21

thank you for taking your time in answrring both my questions and being honest .. i will be back soon and let you know what happens

- Celia

25 Jun 2017 18:49

Thank you Christine. im so excited to see what will happen in a few months. she said things that i already knew. So thats how i know what she saying is accurate. will keep u posted

- Sharonda

25 Jun 2017 18:08

Thank you so much!!

- Natalie

25 Jun 2017 14:44

no predictions came to pass yet, he has came back to the uk with her, they havent ended yet, also i was not to happy with my uni grade. but she is still a lovley woman, i understand predictions wontalways come to passat that given time, so i will give it 3 more months for everything to fall into place x

- Brittany

25 Jun 2017 14:39

I'm just glad that you responded. So much waiting for the others that I decided to delete and ask you. I'm working on my patience and beginning to understand that the universe is sending me all my heats desires. thank you for your insight!!

- Christina Susan

25 Jun 2017 01:51

Sent you a message love. Cheers!

- Nanthini

24 Jun 2017 18:54

thank u

- T

24 Jun 2017 17:33

Thank you Emma x

- Reema

24 Jun 2017 13:44

Thank you!

- Brittany

24 Jun 2017 04:36

quick & honest -thank you!

- Katie

24 Jun 2017 01:00

Thank you Tiffany can you please answer my message xoxo :)

- Rc

24 Jun 2017 00:38

very good! alwsys prompt, honest and on point! thank you!!!!

- Katie

23 Jun 2017 21:37

she is definitely the real deal and also a lovely human being. Sees situations very clearly. excellent.

- Dee

23 Jun 2017 19:21

a few days ago i left a message explaining that the last reaponse to the question made no sense. the response was mixed up as i asked a qiestion about two separate but your response refers to one. would be good to get a clear answer with more detail. was suprised how short it was :( the prediction timeframe hasnt happened so would be good to clear up where things are and why. im so confused

- Sarah

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