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27 Apr 2017 02:38

answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. if i could give 10 stars i would

- Just me

27 Apr 2017 02:01

i would give 10 stars if i could xxc

- Just me

27 Apr 2017 01:46

Tammy is very loving and compassionate soul. She sees deeply into situation and gives a lot of information. Definitely will be back again here. Much Love and many blessings to her

- Monika

27 Apr 2017 00:51

Amy is amazing! Almost all of her predictions come to pass and I LOVE her!

- Elizabeth

27 Apr 2017 00:48

HAve to say shes amazing . she is super honest and give not only the predctions but advice to and how i should approach the situation . can wait to come back with updates and can wait for my predction to come true . much love thanks

- Ana r

27 Apr 2017 00:48

Absolutely wonderful and amazing hope her predictions is accurate time will tell

- Linda

27 Apr 2017 00:29

Amy is brilliantly compassionate with thoughtful consideration and well-attuned accurate insight. Thank you for your kindness.

- Roshan

26 Apr 2017 23:59

i felt like we connected very well. i really like her and she gives a good, indepth reading! thank you!!!

- Morgan

26 Apr 2017 23:57

thank you Tammy for quick and detailed reply... will chat soon :)

- Star

26 Apr 2017 23:33

i like Amy's reading it was very through part of her prediction was spot on and is happening. thanks

- Hope1970

26 Apr 2017 22:46

thank you i think we connected well, you 've picked up on my emotions accurately, and in terms of predictions i hope you are right but im very close to giving up. i actually almost did it not sure how long more i can deal with it, i wish you would have given me a timeframe for this reason..thank you again...

- Erika

26 Apr 2017 17:48

she is absolutely the best and amazing

- Linda

26 Apr 2017 15:08

Thank you Susanne.

- Lauren

26 Apr 2017 06:11

Thank you Christina! so spot on with everything! Gives a good in depth reading and I dont need to explain anything beforehand! I appreciate you replying within the time allocated also. Thank you!!

- Kimberly

26 Apr 2017 05:41

If you're looking for an advisor, Jennifer offers great insight.

- Roshan

26 Apr 2017 05:07

answered my questions but wasnt very detailed

- Mania

26 Apr 2017 03:54

very detailed and thorough response. also very quick to reply. will use again.

- Lindsay

26 Apr 2017 03:30

She has been patient and kind with my readings. I have been rushed and aggrivated at times, and she always soothes my nerves. She doesn't always say what I want to hear (which is refreshing) but what I need to hear. Thank you, love!

- Elizabeth

26 Apr 2017 03:29

Amazing. Just... amazing!

- Elizabeth

26 Apr 2017 03:28

u deserve more than five star always great I cant thank u enough my dear .Highly recommended

- T

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