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28 Jun 2017 21:49

always the best! this girl has been my go to for the better part of this past year! so grateful for her continued support and guidance!!!

- Sarah

28 Jun 2017 20:17

She talked about an agency and my question wasn't about an agency. Maybe she meant the other book. I really don't know. Can you clarify?

- Safa

28 Jun 2017 18:49

Thanks Emily for your compassion , gift and energy

- Terri daniel

28 Jun 2017 17:30

always detailed, like she said time lines dont always come to pass. but she is super genuine and tells the truth :) x

- Brittany

28 Jun 2017 12:36

Real deal. She is conservative with her predictions, but that is fine; honesty is the best policy.

- Lauren

28 Jun 2017 11:41

Chloe thank you for all you have given me. I never found someone so real and so loving. You're an Earth Angel helping here others and may God bless your heart and Soul for the work you do. Love and blessings to you

- Monika

28 Jun 2017 11:03

she is awesome

- Maryanne

28 Jun 2017 10:53

zach lee?

- Michelle

28 Jun 2017 08:18

hi danielke apologies think u read my msg wrong it was me that was upset not him . does that make a difference to your reading? otherwise great reader !

- Anne

28 Jun 2017 03:43

Every reading i recieve from Amy is very detailed and genuine. I truly appreciate that she takes the time to go in depth to answer my questions. Thank you so much Amy you are definitely my favorite!! I definitely recommend!!

- Mania

28 Jun 2017 00:26

received contact but he said the message was not for me but he has not contacted me in more than a month but out of nowhere I received a text so I don't know but ill leave it in gods hands.

- Megan

28 Jun 2017 00:13

i love talking to you thanks hope predictions come true

- Tatianna

27 Jun 2017 22:12

once again please i need you Candy as only u can help me and answer my questions please

- Linda

27 Jun 2017 20:39

I have left Rebecca 1 stars in the past bcos I thought she didn't answer my question fully. I now realise I was asking too many qs in one text. Rebecca is helpful honest polite and accurate. my go to person. sorry for the confusion xxxxx

- Rashdah

27 Jun 2017 16:53

Prediction came to pass just received contact

- Megan

27 Jun 2017 16:31

thank you for clearing that up. it makes since now. I know he does medation too. that's very interesting. I will keep you updated as to what is to come for us. love an light God bless

- Godseyes

27 Jun 2017 13:06

Rebecca thank you for rewriting the answer but you haven't addressed the question about jobs. could you please answer that? happy to submit 5 stars after that

- Rashdah

27 Jun 2017 06:21

Thank you Jen! You're amazing! I will keep you in the loop with this next month ;) we shall see what happens!!

- Elizabeth

27 Jun 2017 06:20

She's great and answered all of my questions

- Elizabeth

27 Jun 2017 02:50

just want to say lovely lady I will let you know if things come to pass.

- Godseyes

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