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25 Mar 2017 14:02

great- patient, kind and direct

- Katie

25 Mar 2017 11:57

lovely ready honest and accurate xx thank you x

- Leah

25 Mar 2017 11:32

my dear waiting for ur reply as soon as possible plz

- T

25 Mar 2017 05:36

Hey Katey..please check your messages. Would appreciate a response soon. Thanks!

- Nanthini

25 Mar 2017 04:23

always fast, accurate, long responses and sweet

- Katie

25 Mar 2017 03:29

please answer last question candy please

- Sarah

25 Mar 2017 03:27

can't thank candy enough for her almost daily encouragement during such a difficult time

- Sarah

25 Mar 2017 02:32

amazing as always!!!!!

- Katie

25 Mar 2017 02:24

thank you! always quick and honest

- Katie

25 Mar 2017 02:22

always right on the money! quick, posiitive, consistant and kind :)

- Katie

25 Mar 2017 02:16

Peter has a sprit snd gift that is uniquie. He is emparhic, patience and honest about his readings.

- Lia

25 Mar 2017 02:10

hi Sabrina can you please calrify ur reading. u mentioned that he Does not want to be with me but u see a future. i dont get it :(

- Sharlyn Garcia

25 Mar 2017 00:36

peter is great knows accurate info. that no one would.... but peter can u please reply to my msg. thank you!

- Loralee

25 Mar 2017 00:08

Thank you!! I pray for the positivity! Hoping in the timeframes!

- Brittany

24 Mar 2017 23:08

she was very kind and sent long messages but am doubting a little bit if she predicted the truth cause every other psychic keeps on telling me am going to fall in love with someone else and not my ex, she said the opposite, i will get back with my ex, am not sure abt this coz my ex seems much happier in his current relationship & doesn't even care i exist. let me wait, time wil tell, maybe she is the one who predicted the truth.for now i will give her 3 stars if her predictions come to pas i will add the stars :) Thank you for the help

- Chance

24 Mar 2017 23:01

i felt like she gave me more advice than predictions! but she was kind though, and she asked me for a review. well i just hope she was right with what she said

- Chance

24 Mar 2017 20:41

Sarah always gives detailed and resonating messages. Thank you Sarah. :)

- Lauren

24 Mar 2017 17:26

wonderful! super helpful, has calmed my nerves. provided great information on my love life. just waiting to see how it all progresses! thank you!

- Mal

24 Mar 2017 16:42

but i cant focus 100% my energy on it as i have univeristy on Mondays, i finish uni at the end of May anyway :)

- Blara

24 Mar 2017 16:41

first time speaking to Katey and prediction was correct :D i did get the job, i am so happy <3

- Blara

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