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07 Dec 2015 01:28

i have been feeling confused lately but she made me feel better and see the bigger picture hope it all works out :)

- Janet Day

06 Dec 2015 14:35

Great Reading. Seems honest and accurate to the situation. Thank you

- Nicola

26 Nov 2015 01:30

Thank you for the genuine, wonderful and insightful reading!

- Ruby

19 Nov 2015 13:30

I found her very good reader. Conencted well. I'm very much impressed! thanks so much for genuine readings!

- Kelly

13 Nov 2015 22:00

Accurate and detailed readings. No sugar coating which I truly appreciate! I will diffently back.

- Brenda

26 Nov 2015 01:55

Honest and accurate! What more do you want?

- Kaitlin Winters

20 Nov 2015 00:00

I wish I could have found her sooner! She helped me understand why my life is always the same. Thank you Tiffany 

- Michael

10 Nov 2015 17:50

She is right! All the time! And I hate it lol! She is really honest, and she always tells me what I NEED to know as to others who just tell me what I want to know. Thanks tiff.

- Jennifer W

14 Nov 2015 01:36

I have been a repeat client of Tiffany's for a little over a year now. I have depended my finical success on her predictions. And she is always accurate. What I enjoy about her readings, is she explains everything in detail. She makes sure I fully understand what going on, why it's happening. And what I need to do to change it. Don't waste anymore time. Call her now

- Neil Harris

22 Nov 2015 17:14

she did answer my last question i purchase but over she was good

- Jacqueline

22 Nov 2015 12:17

just had such a good reading with Sophie! she was amazing and picked up on a lot! i hope shes right :) thank you!

- Candace

19 Nov 2015 01:26

great reading will keep you posted

- Janet Day

18 Nov 2015 06:29

Paul made me feel like i was speaking with my father and brother who had passed several years before. He said things only our family would know and I felt like I wasnt alone. Thank you Paul

- Tamara Delesky

17 Nov 2015 18:12

5 star and love her honest and encouragement

- Brenda

02 Nov 2015 17:10

Connected well with.

- Samantha

02 Nov 2015 15:20

Excellent reading!! Picked up very well on situation. Knew a lot without having to give any information!! 

- Chloe

12 Nov 2015 12:25

Penny gave me a amazing reading, she knew about my trip and many things. She is very kind and honest. God bless her!

- Janet

17 Nov 2015 06:24

Thank you for the kind words! Your readings have been my comfort.

- Laura

16 Nov 2015 12:24

love the way jennifer works. need to talk to her important. need to change my debit card can some one help my email address is egpms . thank you, pat

- pat schuth

16 Nov 2015 05:47

Very reasuring reading for me Hope all his predictions come true :)    

- Nancy

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