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17 Feb 2016 23:35

i loved how she made me feel comfortable and at ease in the reading . and how on point it was !!

- Wadima

17 Feb 2016 21:35

molly lifted up my spiritis , praying for her predictions to come to pass.

- dalia eden torres

17 Feb 2016 18:32

super happy with my reading. very comforting.

- Emma

17 Feb 2016 02:52

Very great, she knew exactly was goong on without me even telling her. Shes the best on here she really helped me

- Samantha

16 Feb 2016 21:25

She was extremely helpful and accurate. She really understood my perspective and that of the person I am interested in. Awesome job, Thanks again for the great reading!

- Chris Giorno

15 Feb 2016 09:00

she great

- Robyn wright

15 Feb 2016 01:26

of all the psychics i have consulated about relationships in 5 months only hers was the correct reading rigjt on the money

- Pamala

14 Feb 2016 21:05

much thx! always right on and gives such great advise!

- Stephanie

14 Feb 2016 10:57

I need a help paying for her I really need to ask something

- Isiah

13 Feb 2016 04:57

Therd are no words to explain how AMAZING Nina is. Thank you!!

- Nichole

12 Feb 2016 23:00

She is straightforward and guided me for better path ahead. 

- Nancy

12 Feb 2016 01:44

nina is one of my fav readers on here, she tells 100% the truth, & have gave details what some other readers have give as well, she definatley has a gift and is very talented with it. amazing, couldnt thank you enough Nina :) x

- Brittany

12 Feb 2016 00:59

she gives detailed readings, so friendly, amazing reader :) ive had a few readings of her and shes gave me some predictions, waiting for the to come to pass :) thankyou again x

- Brittany

12 Feb 2016 00:29

i have talked with several psychic in my life. she is the most powerful and accurate one. she has a nature born ability.

- Y

11 Feb 2016 19:26

Warm hearted, kind and was spot on with all her readings, truly an amazing gift and was such a blessing to me, thank you again Jennifer:)!

- Claire

11 Feb 2016 17:20

love her truly the best reading i had xo jenna

- Kay

11 Feb 2016 12:14

many thanks again you are so wonderful & take so much time with me. very patient & connects so well!!!

- Bealuv

11 Feb 2016 05:50

thank u again nina for ur honest & detailed advice. it means alot to me!

- Bealuv

11 Feb 2016 01:34

great she put my mind at ease. im just patiently waiting the results

- Marelyn

10 Feb 2016 16:24

again lovely girl great good

- Eric

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