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29 May 2016 08:26

Thankyou Tina for helping me handle a difficult situation a little easier. Tina gave a very long detailed response & now just waiting for things to fall into place xo

- Mandy-Lee

29 May 2016 05:47

felt nice to chat with darling darla.very uplifting and positive

- Cindy

29 May 2016 05:46

so kind and nice.very positive and uplifting offered advice and felt good to chat

- Cindy

29 May 2016 05:44

so kind and offered positive advice.felt comfortable to chat with

- Cindy

29 May 2016 05:43

so kind to talk to.very sweet and uplifting.

- Cindy

29 May 2016 05:42

very kind to talk to.very positive.

- Cindy

29 May 2016 05:41

she was spot on.chatting with her I felt at ease and peaceful.very kind and positive.

- Cindy

29 May 2016 04:19

I love how quick she is to respond. I love how she is able to describe how I feel without much information. I like how she'll tell me what she knows and what she sees. And what the person I asked about feels. She mentioned something similar as what other psychics have told me. The man I love has been going through a lot and have a lot of issues. Some psychics have told me what those issues were. I love how she mentioned that without me even telling her. All I did was asked her a few questions and gave her the name and birthday and she resoonded very quickly! If I want a quick and long detailed answer, I'd go to Paris.

- Michele P

29 May 2016 02:12

definitely worth it. put my mind at ease and sent a very long detailed reply.

- Amanda

28 May 2016 17:59

to the point snd staight forward..hugs

- S

28 May 2016 10:56

I always seem to catch Nina offline, but I love her first reading! Am waiting for her second reading! I'm so excited! :-)

- Michele P

28 May 2016 09:46

amazing reading, extremely supportive

- J

28 May 2016 09:44

great reading, very supportive :)

- J

28 May 2016 09:09

I didn't mention to her about him having any stress or what's going on, but she pointed out what I didn't mention to her. I basically asked her questions and she answered them. I appreciate it. I'm amazed with this woman and I can't believe it!

- Michele P

28 May 2016 09:06

Paris stays on point and only talks about the situation!!! She is very honest with her reading as well!

- Michele P

28 May 2016 09:05

I love how she gave me a long detailed answered, then asked me a question at the end of her message! She doesn't ask a lot of questions. She only asks one question and I appreciate that.

- Michele P

28 May 2016 09:04

This woman should have way more views than she currently has! I wish she had more views! She responds very quickly. And she's usually almost always online. She is accurate with the situation I'm going through. I love how detailed she is! She did mentioned something I didn't ask about, which was very helpful.

- Michele P

28 May 2016 09:02

Her first reading got me so hooked and I came back for more!!! Now, I'm waiting for her response. I can't wait!!! She's just so amazing with her first response! I will write another review about my next reading!

- Michele P

28 May 2016 08:32

i just love her, her predictions are slowly coming to pass just like she has said

- Chelsey

28 May 2016 08:04

spot on with everything so far will keep an update , very detailed accurate responses wonderful lady

- Erica jolie

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