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08 Feb 2016 13:08

She gave me a timeframe and a date it has happened!!! God bless you thank you Jenna blessings to you and your family and all

- Kelsey

08 Feb 2016 11:49

thank you nina for your advice & honesty. very accurate you are so gifted

- Bealuv

08 Feb 2016 08:20

she gives honest and accurate readings. She has been very helpful to me.

- Amy

08 Feb 2016 08:19

she is very kind and caring. she always helps me make the right decisions and her readings are thorough and accurate.

- Amy

08 Feb 2016 08:19

im really over stressing but thank u for letting me kno it will be okay :)

- Bealuv

08 Feb 2016 05:18

very gifted, gave a very detailed reading and was amazingly accurate.

- Amy

08 Feb 2016 05:14

amazing, has another reading of her x

- Brittany

08 Feb 2016 05:05

AMAZING, gives very detailed readings. gave predixtions, gave me very similar insight like other readers

- Brittany

08 Feb 2016 04:24

Great reading. Thanks so much!

- Amber

08 Feb 2016 00:31

She was great. Will be using her again. Can't wait for things to happen!

- Amber

07 Feb 2016 23:00

Nina is gifted and she is always straight to the point. Her predictions were right.

- Holly

07 Feb 2016 22:57

good reading, she responded quick. hope it comes true!

- Vanessa

07 Feb 2016 15:46

amazing reader, made me feel so much better about my current situation i will definatley take her advice :) thankyou again Jenna xx

- Brittany

07 Feb 2016 14:58

great reading again

- Kelsey

07 Feb 2016 04:29

Samantha is great and always available when you have a question.

- Vanessa

07 Feb 2016 02:48

Tony's reading was very upbeat. His news excited me, he told me something I already know to be true. We'll see what happens? These readings are in between an email and live reading. The responses are okay in length and really quick to receive.

- Shevonte

06 Feb 2016 16:30

Thank you!! You are really helpful and I believe everything you are saying is true! Hoping to be with that guy halfway through the year! Thanks! I will definitely talk to you soon! :)

- Haley

06 Feb 2016 04:56

thank u mollie! u put my mind at ease i really need it so much and i feel more better again :)

- Bealuv

06 Feb 2016 03:11

Mollie has truley helped me in guiding me in the right direction in order to get a lost love back. i couldnt have found anyone better and more caring and compassionate. I cant thank her enough for this perminate smile on my face.

- Brandi Craig

05 Feb 2016 14:35

very personal reading shows she cares about your questions helped me in more ways than one

- Casey

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