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01 Feb 2016 07:48

Amazing!! Everything she told me was fairly accurate! Hoping her predictions will come to pass this spring!! :) Thanks!!

- Haley

30 Jan 2016 21:29

great reading she knew so much with out me saying a word

- Lisa

30 Jan 2016 18:44

Great reading from Samantha. Very accurate and has given me a lot of clarity and hope regards me situation.

- Nicola

30 Jan 2016 06:32

Thank you samantha for the reading, uve helped me so much, u made so much sense! I know what to do now!! U made me feel comfortable and at ease, so lovely to talk to, and very good at what u do!! Thanks again so much, I will talk to u again soon!!! Xx

- Caroline walsh

30 Jan 2016 03:59

Had my first reading with Mollie and i think she is great...she made me feel way better about my situation... Thanks Mollie :)

- Latonia

30 Jan 2016 03:02

Tony is one of the best on here. what he predicted has come to pass.. thanks Tony.

- T

29 Jan 2016 16:53

she is a good reader, waiting for predication to come to pass :)

- Brittany

29 Jan 2016 16:26

shes spot on with everythinng, waiting for the prediction to come to pass, within 4 week :) x

- Brittany

26 Jan 2016 12:59

Really enjoyed my chat with Tony. Felt as if he really was trying to communicate with me and not just asking questions so I send messages. Best reading I had on this app so far! He actually replies with great explanations :)

- Jacqueline

24 Jan 2016 23:00

I have had five readings with Sophia and have found her to be very accurate in her insight.

- Sandra

24 Jan 2016 03:29

I liked her so far. this is my first time being on this site I didn't give her any information but she was right about everything. I definitely give her a thumbs up , chat with you soon

- Lovee

23 Jan 2016 17:55

I love getting your readings, they are accurate and make my day. Thank you.

- Selina

23 Jan 2016 12:05

I had a reading with April and I was amazed with her accurate readings.

- Amy

22 Jan 2016 08:57

Thank you so much,will be back to update******

- T

21 Jan 2016 22:08

very good reading

- Amy

19 Jan 2016 12:25

April’s readings are breath of fresh air. Her predictions are always true and have helped in difficult times.

- Mike

21 Jan 2016 17:00

Tony helped me with some tough decisions with his insightful readings. He is best psychic for me.

- Amber

21 Jan 2016 12:02

Thankyou for being very honest with me and being bery clear about him having someone . youre right i dont need to be jealous i will be mature about the situation. I will be back asap and let you know how everything goes. you were wonderful ! :)

- Vanesha

21 Jan 2016 08:44

very sweet lady. she has given me amazing advice and has made remarable predictions.

- Kaitlyn

18 Jan 2016 19:05

I love the readings, it was so powerful and truthful. Thank you so much!!!

- Tanya

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