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14 Jun 2016 10:50

very good! highly recommend! picked up on my situation and is very detailed. thank you Celina!

- Jen

14 Jun 2016 10:21

answered all my questions and gave a long detailed response, thank you! waiting for it to come to pass now :)

- Vanessa

14 Jun 2016 07:42

Thanks Celina you have given me clarity and great advice on my situation. I appreciate the detailed responses to my questions. You are spot on and in tune with my situation. Thanks again!

- Chris Giorno

14 Jun 2016 07:37

IT CAME TRUE!! Oh my goodness I can't believe this woman is so incredible!

- Elizabeth

14 Jun 2016 07:15

had a great reading, she gave details, she was postive ,kind, honest and accurate with the details she gave. she knew what was happening . thank you

- Wadima

14 Jun 2016 07:07

what a lovely reader Celina is. just wanted to thank you for the quick and detailed response. i highly recommend her for any spiritual guidance.

- Lorena

14 Jun 2016 05:51

probably the longest answer ive gotten from anyone on here. will you her again. :) hope it comes true.

- Nicole

14 Jun 2016 04:59

All of her predictions came true. I cant wait for my second reading.

- Elizabeth

14 Jun 2016 04:59

Jenna was so absolutely right. I had so many doubts a few months ago, and now everything is falling perfectly into place. Gah!! I can't believe I had any doubts!!

- Elizabeth

14 Jun 2016 02:20

lisa's reading gave me alot of peace. knowing the man i care & love feels the same for me. looking for her predictions to unfold. lisa youre beyong amazing.

- dalia eden torres

13 Jun 2016 23:54

Tina has the greatest advice and always leads me on the right path.

- Elizabeth

13 Jun 2016 23:26

i really like her !! shes very straight foward and to the point !! cant wait for predictions !!!

- Azaria

13 Jun 2016 22:32

she said similar things as other psychics, but she wasn't very accurate.. she does gives me timeframes. she told me the man i love weren't gonna get married, though i asked her if he was the one, and not marriage. maybe we just didn't connect very well.. but i am not going to tell you which psychic to choose. she does respond back quickly and she does gives long paragraph..

- Michele P

13 Jun 2016 21:28

very quick but short reply and good reading...thank you.

- Star

13 Jun 2016 19:46

lisa has always been so lovely and along with her they all tell me the same thing which tells me it will happen! just waiting for predictions to come to pass :) hopefully wont wait much longer xxx

- Lisa

13 Jun 2016 18:03

he is an angel on earth . very nice and supportive . he really knows about peooles feelings .

- Laelya

13 Jun 2016 17:05

sonia is a lovely and kind reader. really seems like she cares and answers any questions you have in detail. thank you Sonia.

- Lorena

13 Jun 2016 15:18

Kelly picked up on someone from my recent past who i hadnt even mentioned to her. This made me think wow! Nice reading with time frames will sit back and see what unfolds...

- Amy

13 Jun 2016 12:42

It was a great reading! Crystal is detailed and humorous and kind.

- Elizabeth

13 Jun 2016 12:36

lovely lady! bery polite and very accurate.. will defintly be speaking to her again in the near future

- Rajvir

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