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01 Jun 2016 23:15

The main reason why most people love Tina so much is because she gives a long and detailed message ALL the time! Even if the questions were cut short. There was only twice where I gave her a little bit of information, yet she gave me so much more. My previous reading, I told her how I felt for the first time because I was feeling comfortable with her this time, and then she explained to me with a decent, long paragraph about why I felt the way I did. It was more of an explantation I asked for. The other messages were long and very detailed tho! In other words, you don't really get short readings. As I said before, I won't say too much about our readings, but she is very accurate and have said similar things to what others said. I can't wait till the rest of her predictions come true! Paris is good and accurate as well, but she doesn't make me feel as good as Tina do!

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 21:03

mollie told me number 2 standed out. sure enough april 2nd was the day i saw my ex face to face and reconsile. amazing!

- dalia eden torres

01 Jun 2016 19:43

Tina is amazing. with minimal information she provided an indepth accurate reply. i will definately be texting her again soon! You will not be disappointed with your teading from Tina, an amazing experience!

- Sandra

01 Jun 2016 17:29

She gives long detailed responses, but sadly she didn't respond back to my second message, so they gave me my credit back. She did mentioned things I haven't mentioned tho. I can't say if her predictions came true yet.

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 15:08

Nina always keeps me positive. Thank you for the insight Nina you really are great!

- Vanessa

01 Jun 2016 14:51

very detailed responses, uplifting, sometines a lottle hard to follow . but she picks up on situations i ask about and gives her honest feel of situation .

- Casey

01 Jun 2016 14:19

this lady has lifted such a huge weight on ny shoulders with her reading. may your gift continually be empowered. i honestly will come back here and tell you my happy ever after.

- Emma

01 Jun 2016 09:39

Right now, I'm thinking how is this woman so accurate about the man I love and his personality and what he does? and how is she so accurate about my situation without me giving her any information at all? I even recommend her to one of my best friends! And even she, would use Tina if she had the money too! She always gives me a long detailed anawer. There is nothing I can do except to stay positive about my situation! There was nothing I could do before back in March before I found out about this app. I wish I used this app back in March when my problems in my relationship were getting tough for me. She even knows my past with the man I love without me saying anything, amazing!

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 09:18

Tina always responds to your messages. Even when she's offline, she responds back quickly and makes efforts to respond! She knows how to make me feel good about my situation! Tina really is the best. She's worth my money. And she has not once lied to me yet. Nor has she pretend to know something she doesn't know and I appreciate that! I will update when the rest of her predictions come to pass, so far only one of them has came to pass! :)

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 09:14

Wow! She is VERY accurate. It used to bother me when people would call me "sweetie," but now I realized it's just how she is. It doesn't offend me at all! She's just very sweet and nice! She doesn't sugacoat anything either. She's very accurate. I won't say too much, but she told me that the man I love will contact me through social media and he will send me a friend request. Now, he has done that before in the beginning of this month when I first spoke with Tina about my situation. So, I know for a fact she isn't bullsh*tting anything! What she says is accurate about the man because he has done it many times before. I can't say if the predictions have came to pass yet, but ONE of her predictions did came true in the beginning of this month on May 7th. I know what she says is accurate. Tina always gives a long and detailed answer. Even if the question is short. She always brings something new to the table! I love my readings with Tina. I mainly use this app for entertainment purposes, but I won't lie, Tina really is accurate about my situation and have said some similar things to what others have said, but Tina's response make me feel better after having a reading with her. She even tells me details I didn't ask for!

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 07:58

I'm sure I annoy this woman lol, but I love her long and detailed messages and I love how she always responds even when I have my doubts!

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 07:42

Jenny is honest, accurate and replies quickly, will def chat soon. thank you

- Star

01 Jun 2016 06:57

She's really friendy and she gives long detailed answers. I really hope what she said is true and I have no doubt that it is. She said similar things another psychic told me. Please choose Paris.

- Taylor Yates

01 Jun 2016 04:28

very detailed.

- Celia

01 Jun 2016 02:32

so far so good, we will see

- Celia

01 Jun 2016 02:27

she is ok but her answers are very short. not enough detail.

- Jen

01 Jun 2016 02:11

i would ask her a question and she would respond asking me if i woukd like her to pull a tarot card to answer my question...just so i have to respond to her and pay for another message. a lot of her answers did not make any sense to me...

- Jen

01 Jun 2016 02:05

well once she told me that if I was bold to ask him on a date she seemed 100% that he would say yes but I got rejected on that so I say be aware of your actions bcuz it didnt work for me.

- jazmin

01 Jun 2016 02:03

SUPER long messages with many predicitons and details.Im sure her readings will come to pass,but she seems to be very accurate!

- jazmin

01 Jun 2016 02:00

one of the BEST here and im sure her predictions will come to pass.No matter how impossible it looks for me she is still 100% with what she says for it to all get better in the near future for me.Thank you!

- jazmin

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