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26 May 2016 02:21

I love her. If she doesnt know she says so I love how honest. I am waiting for it to come true I know they will. She is understanding and she has help me relax about my sitution

- Alyssa chavarria

26 May 2016 02:16

things she predicted are slowly starting tk unfold

- Chelsey

26 May 2016 01:08

I won't say too much about my readings with Tina, but she is ALWAYS there for me. Even when I think no one is there for me, she is. She gives long, detailed answers. Remember, every psychic is REAL, but each of them have a different connection and have a different view on situations. She does answer all of my questions. She helped me before. I currently use two psychics. Tina is the only psychic who I use on this app. My readings with her are privet, however; I will say that she did mentioned things before that I never mentioned. She doesn't go around the questions, she answers them directly. She gets straight to the point. She is very nice, understanding, and paitent. She understands my situation and she knew things I thought was true. Tina is my favorite. I was so worried about my situation. She said he'd come around, he did before and he will again. I love Tina.

- Michele P

25 May 2016 14:25

shes great! very detailed abd gets to the cote of things. thank you!

- Kara

25 May 2016 12:07

waiting for her predicts come to pass!!!!

- Chau

25 May 2016 12:02

great reading picked up on what my problem was straight away without me giving too much away. very nice and compassionate. will see if it comes true and give an update.

- Cheryl

25 May 2016 10:25

Love her gifted!!

- Naz

25 May 2016 08:15

this is my second reading with lily! the first was on purple ocean. she is so extremely positive, detailed and truly cares about you. she is amazing! highly recommend her!

- Chantel

25 May 2016 07:12

great reader

- Ashley

25 May 2016 06:31

I really need your help.

- Michele P

25 May 2016 06:31

amazing honest and understanding

- Ashley

25 May 2016 02:47

She hasn't been online lately and she hasn't responded back to my previous message and I really need help right now. I wish she would respond back sooner or later.

- Michele P

25 May 2016 00:17

She's great! im hoping the insight she gave me will help me make the right decisions! love her!!

- B

24 May 2016 21:53

everything she has said has come ture and i believe in her only kw even to the detail that some one from the past will come bk and willhave a name with the letter s and that has defo happend someone from the past has comebk with the letter s in his name ...... wow just wow she is

- Chetz

24 May 2016 19:16

thank you paris for putting my heart at ease. you nailed it.

- dalia eden torres

24 May 2016 17:42

:) gave good insight

- Ashleigh

24 May 2016 12:38

I'm not sure yet..

- Michele P

24 May 2016 07:51

tina gave a very long detailed reply and she was very good i could relate to what she was saying she was correct in what she told me about my situation and the person in question she picked up on his persanality and she was spot on all the way so i would definatley recomend her . thanks tina x

- Dannett

24 May 2016 07:40

maire is very good i highly recomend her she was absolutley spot on with what she told me, as i already did know so when she told me I was impressed. and she managed it even though i realised after thst i had given his date of birth wrong i put the 4th instead of the 16th .shes straight to the point she not only told me things i already knew but she told me some things that i didn't know but it all makes sense i think shes very good i had a reading off a international pyschic off the radio and tv once and he didnt get it spot on like marie did and he charged a lot more actually he didnt tell me anything that i could relate to not like marie as so shes very good at what she does. thanx marie x

- Dannett

24 May 2016 06:49

Absolutely amazing with her insight she is best psychic on here by a mile and I have tried many. She won't disappoint at all. Very caring and sweet woman.

- Shaaz

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