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26 Jul 2016 22:23

thank you again for everything ans your reading god bless you

- Celia

26 Jul 2016 22:20

Sorry for sending several messages to you while you were offline hope to hear from you soon miss you x

- Shaaz

26 Jul 2016 22:10

very good reading. eased my mind:)

- Ebone

26 Jul 2016 21:50

she gives you long detailed responses. and is very truthful

- Celia

26 Jul 2016 21:03

hi you are very good reader you can help a lot people when they confuses in their life thanks

- Xue mei zheng

26 Jul 2016 20:26

michelle is the best! honestly :) you wont regret chatting with her!! Blessings Michelle and Thank you very much!

- Rikki

26 Jul 2016 20:19

I like talking to her she makes me feel better about everything she is one of my few favorites

- Alyssa chavarria

26 Jul 2016 20:12

thank you for your kind words! sweet lady

- Dalal

26 Jul 2016 19:29

Her predictions have always come to pass for me so I connect with her very well. So sorry Desiree I got nervous! Will chat soon!

- jazmin

26 Jul 2016 19:02

Hi Nina, a fantastic reader,detailed answers not sure if u will see this but app wont let me message & i have 5 left lol u asked me more details 2 look in2 wat i asked about!Ma birthday is march 22nd i dont kno i guy i told u about well jus that hus bame is joshua if u do get 2 see this be so gre8 2 get more advice i found u quite spir in with some of wat u said & kno i can trust in ur opinion on jus where thinfs may go xxx

- Gemma

26 Jul 2016 18:58

Shes very reassuring an confident with what she says :) she has helped calm me down! I hope what she says will come true! Thanks for your help Sherry :)

- Rikki

26 Jul 2016 15:46

Great reading! thank you so much for your accuracy and assurance afterwards :))

- Karon

26 Jul 2016 15:38

I love speaking with Desiree, I like her compassion for people, she give great assurance everything, I do chat with other when she's not on line but when she is she's always amazing thanks lady! :))

- Karon

26 Jul 2016 15:35

she's a sweetheart on point and amazing thank you.. :)

- Karon

26 Jul 2016 15:22

Lisa was wonderful, detailed and provided great clarity!

- Karon

26 Jul 2016 10:41

thank you :)

- Janet Day

26 Jul 2016 07:05

Tanya really makes sure you get your moneys worth! A lot of the psychic on here will reply with short answers but Tanya gives you detailed readings and is spot on! Couldnt have been more happy with my reading :)

- Derrick

26 Jul 2016 06:59

went back a month after first reading very kind and caring

- Cindy

26 Jul 2016 06:56

very sweet detailed and accurate thank u Jenna.

- Karon

26 Jul 2016 06:53

detailed n accurate thanks Sonia

- Karon

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