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08 Mar 2016 06:44

Great reader honest and friendly

- Lisa

08 Mar 2016 06:35

i have been going to nina for awhile now & she is extremely patient, kind, understanding. she always takes the time to connect & guide me to a better path.

- Bealuv

08 Mar 2016 05:57

very encouraging !

- Shaneka Holston

07 Mar 2016 22:20

She was very insightful and to the point. She is caring and I’m glad that I found her. She is my best friend. 

- Stella

07 Mar 2016 14:31

i like her in depth and detailed reading !! and how she helps me stay positive !! thank you for ur support !!

- Wadima

06 Mar 2016 21:56

such a lovely lady accurate caring and empathic really reccommend

- Beverley

06 Mar 2016 21:03

Very in depth and caring readings. Really tells you the truth and what she feels will happen in the future. Thank you!

- Chris Giorno

06 Mar 2016 21:01

Really caring and accurate in her readings! Great job!

- Chris Giorno

06 Mar 2016 08:15

Juliana is a loving caring and gifted reader. She helped me to save my marriage.


- Tammy

06 Mar 2016 02:55

She was good and spot on, all her predictions come to pass. She is always truthful.

- Fiona

05 Mar 2016 20:03

She is kind and understanding and what she has told has been accurate and true. I have strong feelings that things will work out! Thank yo so much! Your awesome! Chris from Connecticut

- Chris Giorno

05 Mar 2016 10:54

she picked up on something that i didnt mention and gave me the honest truth not what she thiught i wanted to hear. i never write reviews but wow! amazed

- Looking for direction

05 Mar 2016 02:30

very helpful and honest hopefully things get better!

- Ashley

04 Mar 2016 09:33

honest readings

- Amy

04 Mar 2016 05:17

tech support are very helpful and gives quick reply, thank you

- Star

04 Mar 2016 05:12

Jenny is very Psychic and provides accurate reading with much detailed insight and always helpful. I would recommend Jenny to all..

- Star

03 Mar 2016 13:21

thank you marie for help & guidance! :)

- Bealuv

02 Mar 2016 14:17

Found Marie to be very insightful and provided an indepth reading. Did not ask any questions unlike others on this site. Very pleased with her and would recommend.

- Shaaz

02 Mar 2016 00:19

just wow! you connect so well & pick up on things i didnt mention, thank you jen!!

- Bealuv

01 Mar 2016 19:38

Jens lovely and really spot on, thankyou xx

- kayleigh

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