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12 Aug 2016 15:09

She's so fast I cant finish typing before she reaponds! hahaha!

- Elizabeth

12 Aug 2016 15:07

amazing!!! love her reading!!! very quick and detailed!!! thank you so much!!! ;)

- Rick

12 Aug 2016 14:53

kind caring and insightful. gave advice. thank you

- Cindy

12 Aug 2016 14:09

thank you for your reading and time to write to me it was nice and long and detail . i will be back and let you knkw whst you felt comes true . god bless :0)

- Celia

12 Aug 2016 11:46

thank u for. honesty and telling the truth

- Shetavea

12 Aug 2016 10:29

thank you do much!!!

- Cathiuscia

12 Aug 2016 09:38

She wrote a very long response with great accurate information. I felt like she was really in tune with my situation. Thank you Ashley :)

- Darria

12 Aug 2016 07:58

thank you Darla

- Rachel

12 Aug 2016 07:16

thank you for very detailed reading ;)

- Sharlyn Garcia

12 Aug 2016 06:51

Thank you!! very gifted!

- Naz

12 Aug 2016 05:55

What a wonderful reading!!!! Thank you!!

- Elizabeth

12 Aug 2016 05:06

quick to respond very detailed even told me things i dicnt ask about, but were glad to hear. thank you

- Amy

12 Aug 2016 04:58

thank you so much gina i understabd what you mean and im really happy i used both my credits on you . you answered my questions and explained them good i be back for more god bless your gift from him :0)

- Celia

12 Aug 2016 04:46

Responds very quickly & is very sweet, which is always appreciated. (;

- Chelle

12 Aug 2016 03:52

very accurate

- Erica jolie

12 Aug 2016 02:30

I just love talking to Iffat because she really takes the time to answer me back in detail and is very kind as well! She really deserves more than 5 stars, she is so accurate and I trust her and what she tells me! :) Thank you very much Iffat! Always enjoy talking with you!!

- Rikki

12 Aug 2016 01:01

What a sweet lady! She was fast and gave me answers to all my questions! Thank you!!

- Elizabeth

12 Aug 2016 00:36

thank you so much for answering my question everything you said was so true. ill be back with you very soon.

- Cathiuscia

12 Aug 2016 00:25

She was sooo sweet and She put me right at ease and calmed Me down. Thank You. I pray with all my heart that He hurries up with contacting Me. This is such torture.

- Meagan

12 Aug 2016 00:22

I am blown away! I was not expecting what she said! I am very excited for the future!!

- Elizabeth

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