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03 Jul 2016 00:46

iffats reading was on point, i pray her predictions comes to pass soon . iffat lifted up my spirits so much , and put my heart at ease. shes a must try!

- dalia eden torres

03 Jul 2016 00:31

wasnt very clear

- Rikki

02 Jul 2016 23:56

excellent reader and responds quickly. gives a lot of insight on your situation. thank you.

- Lorena

02 Jul 2016 23:47

awesome! very insightful and very kind and honest and good advice. thank you

- Cindy

02 Jul 2016 23:00

People need to understand that just because your prediction came true with a certain psychic, doesn't mean it'll come true for everyone. not every psychic is accurate & I won't ever tell anyone to not choose a psychic just because they didn't connect well with me. everyone's situation is different. However, I do recommend that you give this woman a try! Iffat is accurate so far. I will update again this month! :)

- Michele P

02 Jul 2016 23:00

wonderful read! very sweet and compassionate. made me feel a lot better about my situation.

- Jamie

02 Jul 2016 22:51

please reply

- Aminah

02 Jul 2016 20:48

Thank you so much! he is very gifted!!

- Naz

02 Jul 2016 20:08

will wait for predictions to pass..i trust they will!!

- S

02 Jul 2016 20:02

Tommy did a great reading and gave me just what I needed to push forward. Thank you Tommy!

- Debra

02 Jul 2016 19:57

Thank you Tommy!Finally I have a psychic who isnt telling me random timeframes!He has said the same thing as Tina and Sonia glad to finally find a psychic whos very accruate,thank you!!

- jazmin

02 Jul 2016 18:39

Sonia and Tina are the only ones that tell me the same thing.Everyone else is always wrong or off.So cant wait for August!

- jazmin

02 Jul 2016 18:37

She seems to say similar things like Tina but she said that he checks up on me with Twitter and Facebook and I dont have eithet social media but maybe its a bit difficult to see?Thanks either way!

- jazmin

02 Jul 2016 17:47

love this woman, such detailed insight and in a long message. She has put my mind and heart at ease thank you so much!!

- Katherine

02 Jul 2016 17:40

thank you Alissa for your kind long reply with much detailed, much appreciated, will chat soon..

- Star

02 Jul 2016 17:20

fast response. positive feedback and kind.thank you

- Cindy

02 Jul 2016 17:08

I'm impressed by Iffat's readings so far. Wish I had more credits! :) I will be back if her predictions come true this week & I have a strong feeling it well! :)

- Michele P

02 Jul 2016 17:07

I'm always impressed with her readings! Love this psychic! :)

- Michele P

02 Jul 2016 17:07

We didn't connect well & I didn't enjoy my reading with her, but it shouldn't stop you from trying because your situation is different from mine. :)

- Michele P

02 Jul 2016 17:00

I did liked her reading because she said what I wanted to hear, but her timeframe wasn't accurate at all and I didn't feel like we connected. She gave me a general reading. She basically told me there were some distance & we were soulmaes & he would contact me last month. That was too general. Not much details or insight on what was going on

- Michele P

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