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19 Aug 2016 02:45

very insightful and honest and straight to the point

- Cindy

19 Aug 2016 02:42

Hope you got my message you are the best

- Alyssa chavarria

19 Aug 2016 01:40

did really like her.. felt she connected well

- keetkat

18 Aug 2016 23:57

insightful kind and caring and detailed. answered all my questions and more.thank you

- Cindy

18 Aug 2016 21:22

amazingly accurate! her prediction of him contacting in 4 days! well today is day 4 and he txt!!! predictions come to pass! thank you!!! give her a try! shes the real deal!! xxx

- Leah

18 Aug 2016 18:08

Thank you very much! Great reading as always! Always compassionate and accurate. Thanks again!

- Chris Giorno

18 Aug 2016 14:24

thank you sooooo much Ashley... very long message with detailed explanation...shes the only one here ( im very sure) to give such a long detailed message... really hope her prediction come true very soon... will update ...

- Susanna

18 Aug 2016 14:00

she is spot on and i love it !!!

- Martina Chatman

18 Aug 2016 11:11

top class! connie is amazimg, doesnt suger coat it but gives great detail. I will defo be back.

- Just me

18 Aug 2016 11:05


- Sara

18 Aug 2016 10:42

I wish she was online more often , her readings are the best. she's genuine and tells you the truth no sugar coating and the best part is that she's accurate unlike other psychics ive talked to on here who just tell me what I want to hear. thank you for your honesty

- Sheala

18 Aug 2016 06:31

very helpful

- S

18 Aug 2016 06:16

She is accurate and genuine

- Sara

18 Aug 2016 04:16

very positive and fast response

- Dolly Meier

18 Aug 2016 02:13

thank you for the reading.... however my questions are not being answered & very short ..

- Susanna

18 Aug 2016 02:11

to be honest. i dont think we were well connected as the things he said was totally not my situation... anyway thank you for your reading

- Susanna

18 Aug 2016 02:04

a very nice reader, fast response with details, hope her prediction come true soon, will update ... thank you Sonia

- Susanna

18 Aug 2016 02:02

answered all questions which only a few readers here did the same, fast response, very nice, her reading was not too long but to the point, a nice reader, hope her prediction come true soon, will update & change to 5 stars after... thank you Amara...

- Susanna

18 Aug 2016 01:42

michelle can you please verify with me what day this week?

- jazmin

18 Aug 2016 00:12

I am so glad I finally had a reading. Very caring and quick response. One of my faves.

- Lori K

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