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19 Sep 2016 02:18

thanks for my reading;) wish she could be more detail though.

- Sharlyn Garcia

19 Sep 2016 02:02

insightfull, different in an amazing way.

- Bissan

18 Sep 2016 23:15

Quick response :) It was long and very detailed! She was accurate about a lot of things!!

- Darria

18 Sep 2016 23:14

Quick response! Thank you. Reassuring and positive lady!

- Darria

18 Sep 2016 23:13

Quick response but this message contradicted the previous message I received.

- Darria

18 Sep 2016 23:12

Thank you! Quick response too!

- Darria

18 Sep 2016 22:55

Your second prediction came true Nina! There was communication, you are truly amazing! You never fail to amaze me. Now I look forward to the rest falling into place :)

- Vanessa

18 Sep 2016 22:53

She said communication would happen mid-September and guess what? there was communication today! Izabelle you were on point with the timeframe! Thank you! Now i'llbe waiting patiently for the rest of the predictions to come to fruition. I'll for sure be contacting you again!

- Vanessa

18 Sep 2016 21:38

she was to the point and answered my questions for the most oart just didnt go into detail.

- Chelsey

18 Sep 2016 21:23

fast response & a positive detailed reading as always. Thank you Connie x

- Mandy-Lee

18 Sep 2016 20:46

very short response her advice was that things needee to change but she didnt know what kind of changes. if i knew, i wouldnt have asked

- Amy

18 Sep 2016 20:25

Iffat reassured me and gave me a prediction. from 3 predictions 1 was right and I'm impatiently waiting for the other 2 to come true in the coming weeks. Iffat is lovely and feels just like a friend! !!!Genuine Love for her xxx

- Rashdah

18 Sep 2016 17:56

Tanya thank you for your clarity, detailed replies, honesty, and guidance!! I highly recommend her!

- Natalie

18 Sep 2016 17:17

please answer my question sonia. i really want to know what is coming for us? thank you so much

- Ipek

18 Sep 2016 17:08

tanya is very accurate and very detailed in her readings shes the best psychic on here shes my favourite psychic from now on her readings are long and detailed she genuinly cares and tells it how it is she doesnt sugar goat anything if you want a genuine caring psychic reading shes the best.

- Khali

18 Sep 2016 13:47

Gah Jenna you are truly incredible

- Elizabeth

18 Sep 2016 12:35

very intuitive to my situation even for matters that I didnt ask about. accurate and honest

- Bets

18 Sep 2016 09:15

very intuitive knew other situations in my life without me asking.

- Bets

18 Sep 2016 06:20

wow... I mean wow! this girl has got skill. I didn't give hear any info about m6 situation an she picked up on it... an she very detailed answers an very kind in her readings. I can wait to be back to tell you the outcome your truly amazing love an light

- Godseyes

18 Sep 2016 06:18

she picked up on things without me saying to much and will contact again soon!!! thank you!!! ;)

- Rick

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