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02 Jun 2016 07:58

I wish she gave me more details tho, she did gave me a paragraph based on what she sees and my current situation.

- Michele P

02 Jun 2016 07:57

She is very accurate with my current situation. I can't believe. However, I have to wait for 7 to 10 days for her prediction to come true. And wow, she picked up on something I didn't mention. Something similar to what Nina had mentioned to me. I wish I had more money to ask her more questions. She is very quick to respond to you whenever she is online! She's very blunt. Not as nice and sweet like Tina, but she is still a nice woman. I know what Tiffany is saying is true and accurate. She told me what I needed to know and what I already knew and when the man I love will contact me. She knows exactly what's going on. I will update in about a week on about the timeframes!

- Michele P

02 Jun 2016 07:52

she's the only reason I'm still holding on.

- Deanna

02 Jun 2016 06:29

Brilliant as always and would highly recommend she is so insightful and replys with so much detail with her messages. One of the genuine psychic that answers all your questions and helped me to stay strong.

- Shaaz

02 Jun 2016 04:57

very good readings. highly recommend Crystal

- Jen

02 Jun 2016 04:07

shes nice but what ever she predict are totally wrong!!

- Chau

02 Jun 2016 02:46

So helpful in this trying time in my life. Michelle is very honest straight to the point and very gifted. Will continue these sessions.!!

- James

02 Jun 2016 01:44

Very good! picked up on my thoughts and feelings without me giving hardly any info! Try her she is so accurate.

- Amy

02 Jun 2016 01:25

Michelle is great!! always willing to give you clarity/insight. shes defintely my go to person!!

- B

02 Jun 2016 01:22

TIFFANY!!! You are crazzzzzy good. Tiffany said I would see financial growth at work in my immediate future. Well my boss just gave me a raise. WHAT. She has been absolutely correct about my love life too (which I didn't even have before). BLEH. Mind blown.

- Elizabeth

02 Jun 2016 01:09

she is so sweet , and very accurant . i love her

- Laelya

02 Jun 2016 01:05

She was great!! You can trust her. I loved my reading. She picked up on situation and told me what I already knew but desperately needed to hear. All I can say is Thank you so much!! This is the only person you need.

- Lucinda

02 Jun 2016 00:40

Alexis is amazing, she was spot on. She picked up even though I gave very little information.

- Serena

02 Jun 2016 00:08

alexis is amazing. very precise n on the point.

- Harpreet Kaur Gill

01 Jun 2016 23:29

Tina is my to go psychic on this app from now on!!! Love this woman!

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 23:20

Paris is accurate and gives you timeframes. My first reading with her was long and detailed, but the second reading, she gave me two short paragraphs. Her last message didn't make me feel so good. She is very pretty and nice, but her message didn't make me feel better. Though, I did believe what she said when she said the man I care about will contact me. I believe that, but she upset me when I asked if he was the one. I felt offended when she asked me if I meant if we were going to get married or not. I never said anything about marriage. I can't say if her timeframes were accurate yet, but I will update again sometime this month. Other than that, I won't be spending much of my reading on her. Psychics are not only suppose to predict your future, but also make you feel good. Sadly, Paris or Nina did not make me feel good, overall,their readings were accurate about my situation like Tina's readings. If that makes sense to anyone!

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 23:15

The main reason why most people love Tina so much is because she gives a long and detailed message ALL the time! Even if the questions were cut short. There was only twice where I gave her a little bit of information, yet she gave me so much more. My previous reading, I told her how I felt for the first time because I was feeling comfortable with her this time, and then she explained to me with a decent, long paragraph about why I felt the way I did. It was more of an explantation I asked for. The other messages were long and very detailed tho! In other words, you don't really get short readings. As I said before, I won't say too much about our readings, but she is very accurate and have said similar things to what others said. I can't wait till the rest of her predictions come true! Paris is good and accurate as well, but she doesn't make me feel as good as Tina do!

- Michele P

01 Jun 2016 21:03

mollie told me number 2 standed out. sure enough april 2nd was the day i saw my ex face to face and reconsile. amazing!

- dalia eden torres

01 Jun 2016 19:43

Tina is amazing. with minimal information she provided an indepth accurate reply. i will definately be texting her again soon! You will not be disappointed with your teading from Tina, an amazing experience!

- Sandra

01 Jun 2016 17:29

She gives long detailed responses, but sadly she didn't respond back to my second message, so they gave me my credit back. She did mentioned things I haven't mentioned tho. I can't say if her predictions came true yet.

- Michele P

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