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19 Jul 2016 03:42

Celina is an angel! Her readings are long and descriptive. She's mind and reassuring, but vey direct with her answers. Thank you!

- Elizabeth

19 Jul 2016 03:31

hi nina, can you please clarify the last two messages you wrote? there are typos and i dont understand them. thanks!!

- Casey

19 Jul 2016 03:26

Thanks for letting me know what i need to fix about myself and the problems i'm dealing with. Very long detailed and caring reading. I higly recommened!! :)

- Tuli

19 Jul 2016 03:16

november has been good so far i juwt have to wait and see if it comes to pass.. i have asked her about 4 questions and paid 4 times to get answers back .. she good ans fast .. thank you for your time and reading god bless your talent

- Celia

19 Jul 2016 03:16

Thank you Michelle I got some sort of anxiety attack. Thank you for guiding me, God bless you!

- jazmin

19 Jul 2016 03:13

By far the longest and most detailed response I'ver ever gotten! Wow it was so nice! i'd love to talk to her again!

- F

19 Jul 2016 03:00

nina is wonderful! really so grateful for her guidance. my intuition tells me shes leading me in the right direction. thank you nina!

- Chantel

19 Jul 2016 02:54

I hope you come online soon!

- jazmin

19 Jul 2016 02:47

Nina's predictions have all come true and I absolutely love her honesty!!!

- Elizabeth

19 Jul 2016 02:47

Nina's readings are wonderful.

- Elizabeth

19 Jul 2016 02:45

Tina is my angel.

- Elizabeth

19 Jul 2016 02:27

nice reading, accurate, straight to the point, something that i needed

- Lili

19 Jul 2016 02:21

Adore tina its always great when i get to talk to her.

- Alyssa chavarria

19 Jul 2016 02:19

Thank you for the first part but I dont really understand the rest of the info.If you can give me more details and explain a bit more then that would be great!

- jazmin

19 Jul 2016 01:01

Thank you Ashlee for your predictions. So far everything has come to path. If you are looking for precise answers... Ashlee is a good reader. And very patient. Only God knows I get on her nerve!! Ha!

- Yolanda

19 Jul 2016 00:24

I love getting readings from Ashlee because she always makes me feel better :) and shes so honest too!

- Rikki

18 Jul 2016 23:01

she is the best! accurate, caring and really great!! :) you wont regret getting a reading from her !!

- Rikki

18 Jul 2016 21:54

thank you again and okay im going to try .. and your right anything can change :0)

- Celia

18 Jul 2016 20:51

very posotive

- Hayley

18 Jul 2016 20:31

Michelle is extremely kind, patient and very thorough in each response. I always know I will get a detailed reading specific to my situation from her. Ashlee and Michelle are my favourites. They are simply amazing. They just understand. Thank you for everything lovely. You are a very special lady. Xx

- Reema

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