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20 Apr 2016 17:46

straightforward and easy to communicate with, also a very lovely girl

- Vanessa

20 Apr 2016 14:34

Samantha is amazing! she always responds within good time, is honest and to the point. everything she's said so far has comw true so thank you

- Claire

20 Apr 2016 13:38

Lily is great! She didnt beat around the bush and she's very detailed. I hope her predictions come to pass. She is caring and sweet. She answered all of my questions!

- Elizabeth

20 Apr 2016 12:22

she's awesome very sweet and polite i was very satisfied with my reading

- Taliyyah

20 Apr 2016 09:59

shes amazing!I regret not going to her a long time ago.She told me something huge will happen for me this week and im praying that it all comes to pass but the small things that she has said to me so far have come true!Shes awesome and super nice,I highly recommend.

- jazmin

20 Apr 2016 09:19

honest and quick to respond!! Thanks Lily:)

- Tara

20 Apr 2016 08:04

great reading

- Sonia da silva

20 Apr 2016 07:40

she was very quick in responding. goid reading. hoping that what she said will happen. we'll see in 2 weeks.

- Nichole

20 Apr 2016 05:01

very detailed, whick replies, amazing!

- Sara

20 Apr 2016 04:56

lovely energy, sweet reader

- Sara

20 Apr 2016 04:33

Very understanding reader who has a nice way of wording her readings

- Louise

20 Apr 2016 01:46

venus is exceptionally talented and always tunes in to my situation very well looking forward to her predictions i will certainly be back for more readings thank you

- Taryn

20 Apr 2016 01:42

such a positive reading! venus is very thorough and accurate with long responses and details i never gave her. Great energy and i highly recommend!

- Katherine

19 Apr 2016 23:23

one prediction happened today :)

- Janet Day

19 Apr 2016 23:08

cant give her 5 as no idea if it is correct or not. doesnt tell you what she thinks hou want go hear, can be a bit confusing buf then was bice and ecolained later. she is bice about it. will come back and let you know hef accuracy in a few months toms :)

- Rosa

19 Apr 2016 22:39

quick response, very friendly and was on point

- Tara

19 Apr 2016 22:16

with only name and dob Izabelle picked up on everything that is happening absolutely amazing. highly recommend

- Taryn

19 Apr 2016 15:30

connected extremely well and gave some great advice i will come back for another reading highly recommend thank you

- Taryn

19 Apr 2016 10:16

shes helps reassure me.. thank you

- Chelsey

19 Apr 2016 09:23

the best one on here ! trust me dont waste your money on anyone else she gives you detailed , true answers in a compassionate way.

- Tavi

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