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21 Jun 2016 00:05

hi you are all times give me good and positive details and energer to me thank you to you

- Xue mei zheng

20 Jun 2016 23:44

He was very detailed!!

- Elizabeth

20 Jun 2016 23:35

good one

- S

20 Jun 2016 10:03

I actually am starting to believe that Ashlee really does take her clients very seriously and she's very realistic and detailed. Not long message, but detailed about the situation. Detailed doesn't always mean "long message," her readings always surprises me... i cannot wait to get back in touch with her again. i am still skeptical tho..

- Michele P

20 Jun 2016 08:58

tiffany is great but response time is very slow. when shes online and responds she asks a question, she gets offline 2 mins after its sent. which means response from answering her and me askiny another question just waits. like i said her readings are great

- Chelsey

20 Jun 2016 08:54

alisssa is great but response time is slow. i ask questions when shes online that go unanswered at times for days because shes usually not "online" very long. none the less, readings are great.

- Chelsey

20 Jun 2016 08:34

very caring. would recommend

- Hilda

20 Jun 2016 08:28

Alissa is very good at what she does, she gave me a long reading and it was very detailed! I really like talking with her because she is so honest and kind :) Thank you Alissa you are great!!

- Rikki

20 Jun 2016 07:55

very accurate answer

- Racquel

20 Jun 2016 07:54

short answer

- Racquel

20 Jun 2016 07:54

very good detail answer and very positive

- Racquel

20 Jun 2016 07:52

very good he knows whats going very accurate

- Racquel

20 Jun 2016 07:34

I love how supportive she is. She wont tell you things you want to hear. Even though my things have not come to pass only because its not time. I know she will be right

- Alyssa chavarria

20 Jun 2016 06:39

Tina has been having problems with her computer connection, but she ALWAYS responds!! She gave me a quick note saying she will reapond soon, and she did. I love this woman! She brings me back to Earth and I listen to everything she says.

- Elizabeth

20 Jun 2016 06:06

She is always there for me. I am still a bit skeptical, but I really appreciate how much she is being there for me and she's very accurate. She actually cares about my happiness..even though, I am skeptical, but aren't we all are ? Ashlee is my favorite.. i will update soon.

- Michele P

20 Jun 2016 04:43

ashlee does such a good job, her readings are accurate and shes to the point and honest. i appreciate her much.

- Chelsey

20 Jun 2016 03:44

Ashlee is wonderful!! she is always there when i need her. She is always honest and helps me stay positive. I hightly recommed her!

- Marissa

20 Jun 2016 03:29

I still have hope and I still enjoy her readings.. just going through a tough time right now..

- Michele P

20 Jun 2016 03:18

time has passed and her predictions has started to cone true. Took me back abd unexpected. Genuine reader :)

- Sara

20 Jun 2016 03:08

Very quick to reply, detailed, knew everything without saying. Lovely reader

- Sara

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