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11 Aug 2016 20:33

She said the exact same thing like everybody else aka Tina,Michelle,Desiree,Emily etc so thank you so much for the help!

- jazmin

11 Aug 2016 20:13

she gives me the best insight and clarity on my situation!!

- Celia

11 Aug 2016 19:58

really enjoying your readings! but i only recived half your measage.. x

- Leah

11 Aug 2016 18:56

amazed by her reading! have put my heart and mind at ease knowing im always in his thoughts. looking forward to her prediction.

- dalia eden torres

11 Aug 2016 18:27

I'm very comfortable with speaking to Ashlee. I don't want to speak to any other psychics. I use to try out other psychics, but now I regret not saving those credits for Ashlee. I was so happy when she came online and right when I had a lot of credits to use. Ashlee gets on often. Ashlee, I hope you stay on as much as possible and get on often because I will definitely be needing you this year, even after your predictions come true, I'll STILL be needing your help!

- Michele P

11 Aug 2016 18:18

thak u very much very detailed response

- T

11 Aug 2016 18:03

very confident, i liked her reading,?it was honest and it also made my day ;)))

- Genevieve

11 Aug 2016 18:01

very good!

- Jen

11 Aug 2016 17:52

sonia shes lovely caring and true can u aswer my las5 question please

- Safaa

11 Aug 2016 17:23

janet was fast in responding and gives details. i do appreacite her time. she seems very kind and genuine.

- Lauren

11 Aug 2016 16:20

Thank you

- Nichole

11 Aug 2016 16:11

The only psychic I'm gonna ever spend my money on is Ashlee. She answers all of my questions. Calms me down. Tells me the truth. Tells me exactly what she sees and tells me what I NEED to know and she doesn't ask me questions and she gets straight to it. Sometimes she gives me a long and detailed answer. Also, instead of saying "something or someone is causing you a lot of distractions between you & C," she tells me exactly who's causing us distractions & exactly why things are being delayed between me & C. She gets straight to my questions & doesn't just tells me what I want to hear, AND she doesn't hold anything back. She gives me a full reading without me asking, and she even tells me things without me even asking for it. She loves picking up my energy & she even said it herself. I hate how things keeps getting delayed between me & C, but I can feel her energy easily once we're connected. Also, Ashlee, tells me about dreams & C's thoughts before I even ask about it and THEN I ask about it once she mentions it. AND, she mentions stuff I don't even mention. She has a way of calming me down, even when I find it hard to believe it. Some psychics are really terrible & some psychics aren't the best. Some psychics are blunt & rude. Some say he isn't the one & some say I won't hear from him at all. A few of them even told me his friend, R, wasn't my soulmate when I don't even like R to begin with. Ashlee focuses on my current situation. Back in June, she wasn't very general. She was very personal & told me C was going through family problems. Amber from Psychic Txt told me it was the same old emotional problems, which was NOT accurate at all! Ashlee told me it was about a car accident. C's family problems was about him being kicked out in the past before June. Towards the end of June, C had been going through more family problems, but different and then his friends had been getting in the way since May. Only one of them named R is who I know had been interfering. I know about some of the distractions that has been happening, but ONLY Ashlee is able to tell me EXACTLY what those distractions were. She hasn't even been wrong. I was finding it hard to believe her at first because we haven't spoken yet, but she has been telling me about the distractions & why things were delayed & the negative energies between me & C. Other psychics would just tell me they see this & that, but won't exactly tell me who or why. Ashlee is the only psychic who really has been a major help. And small parts of her predictions have came true. Still waiting on the bigger ones to happen this Fall & this Winter. Hopefully by the end of this month & next month, there won't be anymore delays or distractions.

- Michele P

11 Aug 2016 15:43

she is an absolute Gem!!!

- Celia

11 Aug 2016 12:18

She is soo sweet. She told Me not to worry that I am not loosing him. She said he would be contacting me in a couple of days. I pray with all my heart that he doesnt go longer than that before contacting Me.

- Meagan

11 Aug 2016 08:50

very nice lady x

- Chetz

11 Aug 2016 08:21

The absolute best one on here!!

- Deanna

11 Aug 2016 07:56

It was a good she answered my important question I needed answered the most but didn't acknowledge a few other questions I asked her to answer. She was pretty detailed which i appreciated. she's very polite. I would go to her again but I'd have more cash to continuing to chat with her for more answers.

- Paige

11 Aug 2016 05:40

Ashlee is seriously one of the best. For some reason i believe her. Will update soon

- Tiffany

11 Aug 2016 05:32

You are absolutely correct. Lots of confusion that needs to be ironed out!! Thank you for the reading!!!

- Elizabeth

11 Aug 2016 05:15

thank you for your honesty. you have given me a lot to think about. ill be back with updates

- Nichole

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