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02 May 2016 06:06

Always great to talk to...I'm hoping her predictions aren on point

- Gillian

02 May 2016 06:03

i absolutely love nina! she is not only very detailed with her post.! she definetly made me feel comfortable completely everything she said made sense about my situation. thank you!!!

- Elizabeth

02 May 2016 05:20

Tina is a fantastic reader. She is also one of my favorite people. She is genuine, she connects so well with me on all levels, and her predicts are always correct. I used to have doubts, but not anymore. Now I share good and bad news with her and she helps me move forward.

- Elizabeth

02 May 2016 05:07

very detailed responses and she is very kind. Resonse time can be a little slow, but always worth thr wait

- Tara

02 May 2016 02:05

Lovely lady! talking to Paris has given me hope, she knew specifics of things that had happened which nobody else would know! Highly recommend :) xx

- Amy

02 May 2016 00:30

Picked up things I didnt tell her. Always a good reading. I highly recommend Tina.

- Alex

01 May 2016 20:57

Lisa is the absolute best! will post when the end result arrives. so far everything she has said has been right and its finally starting to come together slowly as she said!!! i question everything snd she answers and helps you understand!! LOVE HER READINGS!!

- Looking for direction

01 May 2016 20:05

Love her!!! she does care and gives details and picks up on things that i didnt say. I hope everything does come true!!

- Alyssa chavarria

01 May 2016 17:30

got another prediction right said contact within the upcoming week could not see it happening but then it did. im just hoping the main one will happen :)

- Janet Day

01 May 2016 17:17

Beat ever reading i actually keep checking when she is online coz she helps me so much and is honest and straight forward xxx thanks for all ur support and kindness xx

- Aisha

01 May 2016 14:14

shes a exceptional reader. she truly cares and she answers accurate to every q I asked her. I truly enjoy to hear more things unexecpted from her. I hope she will respond my reading after she reads this review as i miss have a read with you cause you do have a beautiful soul inside and out :-) thanks lisa x

- Carolyn

01 May 2016 12:21

Always a good reading. I highly recommend Lisa.

- Alex

01 May 2016 12:01

things are starting to unfold!!!! thanks Lisa! soon everything will make sense! thank you!!!! get your reading ASAP!!! i highly recommend Lisa! she's rapid in response and very detailed with it all sending positive vibes!

- Kassandra

01 May 2016 11:52

Thank you very much! Your readings are accurate, supportive and kind. She really cares about you as a person. Very compassionate. Thanks again.

- Chris Giorno

01 May 2016 09:06

Michelle is great! very detailed and honest

- Jen

01 May 2016 07:21

just okay. seemes nice vit really short answer so dodnt realky tell me much.

- Rosa

01 May 2016 05:51

Absolutely right in everything she says :) I will definitley be talking to her again! very compassionate and positive...glad to have met such a wonderful person!! Nice to meet you Tina!! and Thank You so much!! :)

- Rikki

01 May 2016 04:57

very nice to talk with, uplifting ;) ill rate higher if predictions come to pass!

- Casey

01 May 2016 04:50

she's on point with a lot of things, she gets into detail without me even having to explain to her. hopefully her predictions come true i am looking foward to it. I feel better thanks Lily!

- Kassandra

01 May 2016 03:38

thankyou for restoring my lifes purpose and giving me strength and advice and help.

- Gem

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