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22 Aug 2016 19:41

thank you Michelle for your quick reply, will look forward for your prediction to come true. many thanks & will chat soon :)

- Star

22 Aug 2016 19:38

thank you so much to you help

- Xue mei zheng

22 Aug 2016 19:08

come online soon please

- Chau

22 Aug 2016 19:05

amazing!!!! shes very quick and caring!!! thank you so much!!!

- Rick

22 Aug 2016 18:57

quick and accurate

- Amy

22 Aug 2016 18:45

Tanya definitely gives very detailed readings!

- Elizabeth

22 Aug 2016 18:44

Tanya answers all my queations and she has never been wrong. Some of her predictions worry me (meaning I don't want them to happen haha) but she guides me and helps make sure I do the right things for myself and those around me. Truly an angel.

- Elizabeth

22 Aug 2016 18:36

I would recommend anyone to have a reading with Tina they would get a detailed reading answering all of their questions in a sweet manner. Tina is a genuine reader and very intuitive she can tell you whats going on and why someone is behaving the way they do /how they feel for you. I have found Tina to be accurate with what she says and honestly believe she is the best on the site. She makes you see the bigger picture and she has a lovely energy too that makes you feel positive. Thank you for your reading Tina really appreciate the insight and advice and the time you took to answer my questions, hope to chat soon.

- Shaaz

22 Aug 2016 18:06

i spoke with 20 different advisors over the last few months. debrorahs response was different than the others. it turns out that she was the only one that was right

- Mike

22 Aug 2016 16:14

very insightful. acurate. can you answer my two questions about the other woman tanya? thank you

- Tiffany

22 Aug 2016 15:55

I had a wonderful reading!!

- Elizabeth

22 Aug 2016 15:27

I am shocked by her talent. She really hit the nail on the head. Really accurate.

- Sara

22 Aug 2016 14:25

Thanks again for the wonderful reading. You picked up on things regarding my curent job and thats is exactly how I feel and what is happening. You are one of my faves.

- Lori K

22 Aug 2016 14:03

My love, i wish i could give you more stars than 5. you are an amazing person and reader. im glad i got in contact with you today. Thank you

- Nichole

22 Aug 2016 12:57

This wiman is fantastic and amazing. she picked up on everything with a quick reply.

- Sara

22 Aug 2016 08:11

She was super on point. My question was super short and i didnt get in to any detail, her response was long and accurate ... now just waiting on her prediction to come true.

- Veronica Mendoza

22 Aug 2016 06:07

great lady! Definitely recommend her. Her reading was spot on and will check back in in a couple of weeks

- Arely

22 Aug 2016 06:04

she was very helpful. knew things no one else would know. definitely recommend tanya. and will definitely be checking back in with her. thank you tanya for giving me faith and hope that everything will turn out okay!!

- Arely

22 Aug 2016 05:59


- Sara

22 Aug 2016 05:52

Her reaponses are so fast and accurate!

- Elizabeth

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