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06 Jul 2016 20:06

So wonderful and accurate!!

- Elizabeth

06 Jul 2016 19:56

Izabelle is just lovely! She responds quickly and provides a lot of detail. Thank you x

- Reema

06 Jul 2016 19:29

She gave a long and detailed pragagrahp, but she did not answer my questions directly. She didn't really picked up my situation. She didn't connect well with me and she confused me a lot, however, I did loved the long paragraphs and specific details & how she responded quickly. But am strongly disappointed & we didn't connect well, but give her a try! :)

- Michele P

06 Jul 2016 18:44

Ashlee is an expectional reader!!! Some of the things she has predicted has already happened before, so I can easily understand her predictions. I strongly believe they'll happen. Since they have happened before!

- Michele P

06 Jul 2016 18:32

she is very intuitive! I am amazed with her gift and detailed response! Im so impressed and will definitley talk to her again! I really appreciate all her help! Thanks so much Tanya!! :)

- Rikki

06 Jul 2016 18:09

Thanks again! On point as always. Really detailed and very supportive of my situation. Very accurate as well. Thanks again!

- Chris Giorno

06 Jul 2016 18:05

very good reading. knew specific details of the situation

- Mike

06 Jul 2016 17:57

picked up on my situation but his timeframes are off

- Jen

06 Jul 2016 17:51

really enjoyed my reading with her. super positive and put my mind at ease. i feel that she is veru accurate and im looking forward to her predictions

- Katherine

06 Jul 2016 17:25

candy has been very helpful in my reading, very caring!

- Michelle

06 Jul 2016 14:48

it was a excellent reading and what she said if already happening!

- Debra

06 Jul 2016 14:46

She was right! It's already starting! Thank you Hope

- Debra

06 Jul 2016 14:38

Beautiful reading, part of it has already come true! Thank you Tina!

- Debra

06 Jul 2016 10:46

Sonia has been a wonderful support she answers fast and has shown amazingly accurate insight into a situation. I trust her completely to help guide me . Thanks Sonia for all your help, helped me more than you could know x

- Anne

06 Jul 2016 10:32

Prediction came true about person in question contacting me. Will see if rest comes to pass. Very consistent with her readings and very quick to reply.

- Sara

06 Jul 2016 07:06

hi sonia!If u can get back to me after your meditation thatd be great!My credits are limited so id like to talk to you and use my credit after ur input!:)

- jazmin

06 Jul 2016 06:54

wow was amazed by the reading , he is accurate and honest and detailed. someone i fully trust . thank you !!

- Wadima

06 Jul 2016 05:58

amazing woman. she forgot to answer some of the questions which can happen with anyone. i left her a comment on this and she got back to me instantly! where as tommy just blanks you and you gotta ask the same question again to get him to answer it!

- Rajvir

06 Jul 2016 05:37

prompt reply and pretty detailed. thank you Sonia.

- Szesze

06 Jul 2016 04:59

Ashlee i want to thank you so very much. you have been helping me through a rough time and you are so kind. i will cont. to work with you in the future.

- Tyra

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