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25 Jul 2016 08:07

I love Ashlee's honesty and the detailed insight she gives me. She is confident with her readings and this gives me confidence and strength too. Had some amazing conversations with her about my future, career etc. Hope many more to come. She has picked up on things nobody else has. I trust her most. She is my angel and I love her. Thank you xx

- Reema

25 Jul 2016 07:04

Raquel went out of her way to help me yesterday. She provided very detailed insight. Picked up on things I didn't even ask about. Thank you hun. Much appreciated. X

- Reema

25 Jul 2016 06:01

Very lovely and detailled. thank you so much! xoxo

- Andrea

25 Jul 2016 03:38


- Rudina

25 Jul 2016 03:33

the best out of them all

- Rudina

25 Jul 2016 03:06

very lovely reading. jenna very kind and friendly, love the way she talks she guiding u into right path.. will come back for the reviews if her predicts come true! thanks again for the reading =)) god blessed!!

- Chau

25 Jul 2016 03:06

Nina is very positive and she is also very detailed! Talking to her has shown me clarity.

- Elizabeth

25 Jul 2016 02:50

She said my listing appointment will be successful and it was ... I got the listing!

- Cavin

25 Jul 2016 02:40

she was completey accurate put of all the physics iv written to

- Rudina

25 Jul 2016 02:25

thank you for your advice

- Erika

25 Jul 2016 00:51

thank you ashlee

- Jen

25 Jul 2016 00:33

hi thank you you are different another reader you postive and confinden make me feeling best in my life my life will be more brighter .

- Xue mei zheng

24 Jul 2016 23:07

By far one of the most descriptive readings i have gotten on here to date. Sonia was kind, and reassured me that I was on the right path. Something about the way she did the reading was very reassuring, and I am happy I was drawn to her. I will definitely be back in the future. Thank you!!

- Taylor

24 Jul 2016 22:59

Nina i s100% honest

- Celia

24 Jul 2016 22:58

im always grateful to nina she is always there for me honest she tells me things as is and still manages to keep me in the positive side . thank you and really appreciate u !!

- Wadima

24 Jul 2016 22:49

I got a reading from Lily weeks ago and it was a very kind reply. I thought of continuing. But I'm not completely sure on my message because the person I was referring to is a she and she said he. So I hope the reading was truly for me. Can you clear that up Lily? You seem very caring though...

- Vanessa

24 Jul 2016 22:40

very accurate chat readings! very impressed Candy.

- Jill

24 Jul 2016 22:39

Sherry is very accurate and replys quickly! Thanks so much! :)

- Rikki

24 Jul 2016 22:36

Jenna is just awesome! she is completely accurate and honest and I love getting readings from her!! She really helps! Thanks so much Jenna! :)

- Rikki

24 Jul 2016 22:16

Raquel went out of her way to help me today. Much appreciated. Very detailed readings from a very kind lady. Thank you xx

- Reema

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