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30 Aug 2016 21:07

are you going to be online anytime soon???

- Erika

30 Aug 2016 19:54

Thank you Tanya for the clarity in my situation. You truly picked up on everything in my heart at the moment. Blessings to you.

- Lisa

30 Aug 2016 18:48

On another account, she told me back in July that the man I asked about will contact me within the next 2 months and it will be through some type of social media. update: prediction actually came to pass & he contacted me last week through Snapchat like we usually speak on. She tells me he will contact me again soon which matches what another psychic from Purple Ocean has told me. I really enjoyed her readings. She's the only accurate psychic for me on this app.

- Michele P

30 Aug 2016 18:47

Thank you so much!! You definitely seemed very spot on about some things, especially with clients in my career field hesitant to move forward right now. good to know things will turn around!

- Blair

30 Aug 2016 16:54

Ashlee is amazing, thank you so much you are the best!!! hugs

- Katherine

30 Aug 2016 14:37

I don't even know how to express hiw grateful I am to have Tanya to guide me. I am absolutely a wreck haha. She helps me stay strong.

- Elizabeth

30 Aug 2016 14:27

quick answer but r short and very generalised didnt help so feel my credit was wasted. sorry

- Anne

30 Aug 2016 13:56

She's a very sweet lady. She gave me hope when i felt like it was no more. She really eased mind and she said things that other physics said. I would definitely use her again.

- Clarissa

30 Aug 2016 12:47

She is very sweet, fast and accurate. i just struggle to understand her English at times

- Sara

30 Aug 2016 10:48

Thank u!

- Christine

30 Aug 2016 08:32

anyone know what time Tina is online? stay in the uk she is absoloutly awesome but i never carch her online

- Anne

30 Aug 2016 08:27

good reading, tells it like it is... please come online soon

- Just me

30 Aug 2016 06:38

Very detailed & honest readings! Thank you Nina =)

- Christine

30 Aug 2016 06:11

thank you very much for the readings looking forward for your predictions come to passs.. crossed fingers!!

- Chau

30 Aug 2016 06:10

Amy is very friendly and nice. her respond are fast and accurate.. just hope everything she said come true.. will update..

- Chau

30 Aug 2016 05:59

shaina i been in tears all day ! i have no credits til in the morning please message me shaina ! that guy slept witg my best friebd I THINK.... what the hell isngoing on

- Josi

30 Aug 2016 05:48

Thank you Paris

- Elizabeth

30 Aug 2016 05:12

she's great!!! made me feel at ease.

- Daniella

30 Aug 2016 04:49

Thank you, lovely readings detailed, gives good insight, and advise! feels connected ans genuine xx

- Leah

30 Aug 2016 03:38

Ashlee thank you so much, you've me happier than ever. You picked on a very big issue and made me feel so at peace.

- Kimberly Wilkins

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