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06 Oct 2016 00:12

Very long detail, thank you

- Nichole

05 Oct 2016 23:52

update: on September 30th, Lisa said me & my new crush will be getting closer. we've been getting closer for a whole month now. but I wasn't too sure, so today; I asked my crush if we were close and he said we were. Now, my crush told me he hasn't lied me to yet. So, one part of Lisa's predictions has come true within the timeframe she told me. right now, I'm still waiting for her other predictions to come true.

- Michele.

05 Oct 2016 23:32

shes amazing!!!! things are happening like you said they would!!!

- Rick

05 Oct 2016 23:19

thank you so much again i hope everything comes to pass and when it does i be back .. you are really nice and gifted god bless :0)

- Celia

05 Oct 2016 23:18

asked another question ans was happy woth thw answer thank you again

- Celia

05 Oct 2016 23:07

thank you for your kind reply :)

- Star

05 Oct 2016 21:18

OMG Ms.Susie my heart almost felt so good from the information you provided. I almost feel like crying and giving you a hug for indepth information. I just want to thank you. Thank you so much. I recommend her 100%

- Vi

05 Oct 2016 20:26

I am not going to lie but admit that I have been messaging Iffat from a long time because of the reviews. And today finally, I received the message from her :) Thank You So Much Iffat. She did take her time but the answer was detailed. She gave me lots of information. I cannot wait for it to come true very soon. Thank You again :)

- Vi

05 Oct 2016 19:43

shes very accurate. ive looked at previous messages and it did come true. shes straight to the point

- Brittany

05 Oct 2016 19:41

she seems accurate, no doubt about it. i really feel at ease now you have explained to me thank you

- Brittany

05 Oct 2016 19:26

thank you for the reading if there is anything new around the time yiu gave me i be back have a bless day

- Celia

05 Oct 2016 18:11

Thanks Izabelle! What do you mean the relationship will be in the hearing this month? Thats the only thing that confused me. You're great!!

- Vanessa

05 Oct 2016 17:58

her predictions are starting to unfold!!! ;)

- Rick

05 Oct 2016 17:03

thankyou for being honest with me about everything:)

- Brittany

05 Oct 2016 16:33

thank you!!

- Chau

05 Oct 2016 15:54

thank you!! that explains alot!!!

- Rick

05 Oct 2016 12:42

hoping to see him again like you said shania!! looking forward to your beautiful predictions. i have to have faith they will happen.

- dalia eden torres

05 Oct 2016 11:09

thanks ashlee i think you mis understood my message. i know they are different, just wondered why his brother is not coming forward seeing as he is more forward. wanted a but of detail of this dream and who other than me it related to? can you re-write the response?

- Sarah

05 Oct 2016 06:15

She's amazing!!!!

- Rick

05 Oct 2016 06:03

everything is happening like she said it would!!!! thank you!!! ;)

- Rick

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