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05 Nov 2016 09:23

loved her readings, detailed and kind. her first 3 replies were fast. but the 4th is long by over an hour. please reply. thank you

- h..

05 Nov 2016 08:19

i could totally relate to her advice. thank you.

- Sonya

05 Nov 2016 03:49

fast answers. i like the detail. we shall see..... will update

- Nicole

05 Nov 2016 03:32

Thank you Michelle! you're the best!!

- Natalie

05 Nov 2016 02:25

always great. thanks

- Mike

05 Nov 2016 01:54

thank you!!

- Smcn

05 Nov 2016 01:04

your readings always feel right. looking forward to your predictions.

- dalia eden torres

04 Nov 2016 22:21

Her responses are very detailed, she told me things i didnt even ask about but she picked up on. Cant wait to see if her predictionas come true

- Marcus bertone

04 Nov 2016 21:39

very accurate!!!! thank you again

- Erika

04 Nov 2016 20:27

what he said actually happened

- Nicole

04 Nov 2016 20:22

thank you Sherry your readings are so positive!! your last sentence cut off if you can clarify or finish that would be amazing. youre amazing!!

- Katherine

04 Nov 2016 20:08

thank you for a detailed reading sonia will update if prediction comes to pass.

- Ndella

04 Nov 2016 20:03

thank you julie for all your help but the person i was asking about is seeing the other person it was the truth but other way around im told this can happen thank for your help though

- Tiffanie

04 Nov 2016 20:01

all readings are an were good michelle but in fact the person i was asking about is seeing the other person an want to see how things go im thinking it got confused some how it was the other way around im just moving on with life but thank you for trying to help

- Tiffanie

04 Nov 2016 17:29

Sonia, that last message was so important! Thank you for caring enough to tell the truth and to guide me past the issues. I'll be back!

- Brittany C

04 Nov 2016 17:04

amazingly accurate, quick lengthy responses. answets all questions in a no nonsense manner. highly recommended. truelt takented guy. thanks

- Simon

04 Nov 2016 15:20

thank you ashley... i will let you know when anything is difficult but i am trying to be patient..i will talk to u soon..thank u again for everything

- Romana

04 Nov 2016 14:31

thank u but i become more confuse now I know he is scared but can u answer the question with yes or no plz and give timeframe and can u answer the other question plz .I think I didnt get the answer that I need thanks

- T

04 Nov 2016 14:29

amazing reading. 100% accurate

- Brittany W.

04 Nov 2016 14:28

Awesome!!! Will be in touch again. Very in depth and quick response!

- Diana

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