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23 Jun 2016 23:32

Well I do have doubts but shes still telling me to believe so Im going try my best and well just see what happens tomorrow and I will review if it comes to pass!

- jazmin

23 Jun 2016 22:09

so im really worried because ashlee says hell message me tomorrow but teo other psychics that i used to talk to recently told me it would be a few weeks after tomorrow. im just worried if it doesnt come to pass because then ill have doubts sbout everything else. Ashlee if you see this I need to know your input because I dont want to loose trust.

- jazmin

23 Jun 2016 16:46

Extremely long abd detailed abd so very helpful. Amazing, guy!

- Sara

23 Jun 2016 11:04

Hi Ashlee, can you answer my other question? the ones about what he will tell me when he speak to me??? thank you!

- Michele P

23 Jun 2016 10:56

hey ashlee if you can answer my last 2 small questions from my last message then thatd be great :)

- jazmin

23 Jun 2016 08:42

bless her heart, she reassures me so much and has a great sense of humor lol

- Chelsey

23 Jun 2016 08:41

bless her heart, she reassures me so much

- Chelsey

23 Jun 2016 08:16

very insightful and honest

- Cindy

23 Jun 2016 08:16

she is straight to the point

- Cindy

23 Jun 2016 07:05

Hi Ashlee, you forgot to answer one question. I don't have enough money to buy another credit to ask the same question. But can you answer the question when I asked you about him talking to other girls ? thank you! that's the only question you forgot!

- Michele P

23 Jun 2016 06:50

Hi Ashlee, thank

- Michele P

23 Jun 2016 06:39

everything she said came true!!

- Nicole

23 Jun 2016 06:38

what she told me came true! will continue to read with her! ahhh!! :))

- Nicole

23 Jun 2016 06:28

omg am so happy i was really confused and hurt but kw i feel like i hve a lovly angel i can talk to wen things get hard i can talk to this lovly angel sent from heven truly is a angel to me ... defo worth a reading from her

- Chetz

23 Jun 2016 04:14

She is great and picked up on my situation really well.

- Amy

23 Jun 2016 04:13

very positive insight.

- Racquel

23 Jun 2016 04:06

very detailed! i always come back for more readings. highly recommend her. she is great.

- Jen

23 Jun 2016 03:40

really lovely lady so im hoping and praying her predictions come to pass :)

- Lisa

23 Jun 2016 03:35

omg wow so amazed abt wht she had to say to me i hope what she says come ture

- Chetz

23 Jun 2016 02:41

She is just amazing! straight to the point and gave me hope.

- Marissa

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