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06 Feb 2016 16:30

Thank you!! You are really helpful and I believe everything you are saying is true! Hoping to be with that guy halfway through the year! Thanks! I will definitely talk to you soon! :)

- Haley

06 Feb 2016 04:56

thank u mollie! u put my mind at ease i really need it so much and i feel more better again :)

- Bealuv

06 Feb 2016 03:11

Mollie has truley helped me in guiding me in the right direction in order to get a lost love back. i couldnt have found anyone better and more caring and compassionate. I cant thank her enough for this perminate smile on my face.

- Brandi Craig

05 Feb 2016 14:35

very personal reading shows she cares about your questions helped me in more ways than one

- Casey

05 Feb 2016 08:39

jennifer made me feel like inwasnt going through an extremely hard time she said things that only i would know and hit the nail on the head she made me feel so much better about my situation! thank you jennifer

- Casey

05 Feb 2016 03:59

Excellent reading from Faith. Detailed and accurate. Gave me a lot of hope for my situation. Thank you :)

- Nicola

05 Feb 2016 02:34

Thank you again! I will do the cleansing this weekend & follow all directions. Pray for me for a postive transition! thank for putting me at ease of the situation.

- Bealuv

05 Feb 2016 01:28

Thank you for your kind words & advice!

- Bealuv

05 Feb 2016 00:41

Amazing... she is very straightforward and is very kind...

- Jen

04 Feb 2016 20:00

Faith has been an amazing with her readings. She has been guiding force telling me so many accurate events. She is angel to me and good to have her around.

- Susan

03 Feb 2016 05:57

great very confident trusted her

- Pamala

02 Feb 2016 19:42

good reading hope it all comes true

- Kelsey

02 Feb 2016 05:35

Thank you Samantha, you helped put my mind at rest. im keeping my fingers crossed that your predictions come true :) xx

- Claire

02 Feb 2016 04:17

she gave me honest answers about my concerns

- Arianne

02 Feb 2016 02:55

She was really helpful and gave me accurate and insightful readings. 

- Patricia

01 Feb 2016 13:55

Amazing lady. She connected well and provided honest and accurate readings in details. Thank you so much.

- Meera

01 Feb 2016 07:48

Amazing!! Everything she told me was fairly accurate! Hoping her predictions will come to pass this spring!! :) Thanks!!

- Haley

30 Jan 2016 21:29

great reading she knew so much with out me saying a word

- Lisa

30 Jan 2016 18:44

Great reading from Samantha. Very accurate and has given me a lot of clarity and hope regards me situation.

- Nicola

30 Jan 2016 06:32

Thank you samantha for the reading, uve helped me so much, u made so much sense! I know what to do now!! U made me feel comfortable and at ease, so lovely to talk to, and very good at what u do!! Thanks again so much, I will talk to u again soon!!! Xx

- Caroline walsh

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