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10 Aug 2016 00:15

Quick replly and straight to the point.!Will update with results.

- Lori K

09 Aug 2016 23:20

this lady is so amazing. one of her predictions came to pass and i was actually speechless. thanks for the support always. aporeciate your help.

- Emma

09 Aug 2016 23:05

Well she did say like everyone else one thing but she said it wont happen soon like how others have said and didnt tell me in her perspective as to when so im a bit confused oh wells

- jazmin

09 Aug 2016 22:53

the amount of information that she already knew about me is insane!

- jazmin

09 Aug 2016 21:22

thank you Emma for your readings! quick and positive!

- Sose

09 Aug 2016 21:20

ashlee said i would have a dream , and today i did had a dream so vivid , felt so so real i had to wake up. looking forward to her predictions. im a big believer. ashlee you are just amazing.

- dalia eden torres

09 Aug 2016 20:50

Thank you very much:) One of the best.. very reassuring during my situation.

- Katherine

09 Aug 2016 20:30

she was terrefic ! very honest . love it

- Alexis

09 Aug 2016 19:48

Pretty much said the same thing everyone else stated with no timeframes. Quick response & nice.

- Chelle

09 Aug 2016 19:44

She's a very caring, compassionate, & positive reader. It hasn't been long enough to know if what she says will come to pass, but she is someone you can talk to for motivation if that is what you need.

- Chelle

09 Aug 2016 19:38

She is very quick to reply & always gives you very direct answers. It also helps that she has a very caring nature about her.

- Chelle

09 Aug 2016 19:37

I love her. She's amazing. she ALWAYS writes a detailed response. I've been chatting with her for days & she gives you her all, each & every single time. Definitely connected well with her!

- Chelle

09 Aug 2016 18:53

varied reading, lets see if its true

- Just me

09 Aug 2016 18:51

lovely girl, just need to see if it comes true now

- Just me

09 Aug 2016 18:13

She is very precise in her readings.

- Taylor

09 Aug 2016 17:27

Thank you Iffat for a detailed, caring and honest read! you're great!

- Natalie

09 Aug 2016 17:23

Thank you Candy! So caring, honest and helpful!

- Natalie

09 Aug 2016 15:25

sherry always makes me feel so much more confident in my situation! thank you!

- Michelle

09 Aug 2016 14:58

okay at first i was having a hard time beliving anything that was told to me bc i didnt see it coming to pass but two things shw has told came to pass but in much later time maybe 3weeks later so i see little by little what she as told will happen happing but later and in a different way but its happening so lets see if thw other big things that is very important to me comes to pass i be back and thank yoh so much for hearing me and deaing with me and im sorry i was not believing in rhings you told me i hope you inderstand why talk to you soon god bless your talent :0)

- Celia

09 Aug 2016 10:16

Very sweet. She gave me some hope during this difficult time.

- Lori K

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