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26 Nov 2016 18:37

very short and vague

- Amy

26 Nov 2016 17:58

She is so kind and amazing!! I can't wait until her predictions come to pass!!

- Elizabeth

26 Nov 2016 17:40

really wow..will come back soon ..i trust predictions will pass:)

- S

26 Nov 2016 17:36

thx will update:)

- S

26 Nov 2016 17:35

good connection..pls resend the message..i can read only half

- S

26 Nov 2016 16:52

You're awesome Sherry I pray you are right!

- Katherine

26 Nov 2016 16:26

told me i would bump into the guy i was ovsessing about - random fluke- and i kept doubting it but she was dead on! happened last night. I think accuracy is when a psychics predictions come true! so far hers did- now waiting to see how things unfold... thanks nina!

- Katherine

26 Nov 2016 13:00

prediction did not come true. told me id get a raise in mid november and nothing

- Amy

26 Nov 2016 12:41

wish she would have answered both questions instead of completely ignoring one. i was looking for more insight to make a decision

- Amy

26 Nov 2016 10:58

Thank you so much shes the only one that i trust now she is very honest and tells you how it is.

- T

26 Nov 2016 09:23

lovely reader went into lots of detail and came across as very caring .Many thanks!

- Anne

26 Nov 2016 09:01

in tune to the suruation

- F

26 Nov 2016 08:58

Thank you so much :)

- h..

26 Nov 2016 08:45

this last reading was very short and not detailed didn't answer any questions

- nessa

26 Nov 2016 07:37

thank you for your follow up message and answering my other questions!! feeling positive and hoping predictions come to pass!!! thank u xxx

- Leah

26 Nov 2016 07:00

Thank you!! :) Great insight! I'll be back!

- Brittany C

26 Nov 2016 06:13

Amazing!! Gigi has by far given me one of the best readings i have ever received. I asked for a time frame and she provided that and more, she was very detailed in her reading. Very compassionate and truely does care. Thank you so much Gigi I truely appreciate your reading and all of your advice, I am very greatful thank you!

- Amani

26 Nov 2016 02:14

thank you for the reading.

- Jen

26 Nov 2016 02:04

only answered half my questiond and took offence when i asked her to answer the rest of it

- Just me

26 Nov 2016 01:00

amy is nice reader attentive spoke her since sept. neither job prediction nor contact happened. feel like waste time here..again TY

- Saly1234

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