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14 Jul 2016 05:25

this is my first time having a reading from ashley and my mind was like wow .. every long and detail and honest that inhad to ask her another question .. she very blunt and will not lie to you and waste your time on someone that is not meant for you .. thank you so much and i will be back soon god bless you :0) for yout talent and gift and for helping me

- Celia

14 Jul 2016 05:21

Tommy has been giving me advice and guidance for a long time now. He is honest and compassionate. He gives great adivce and has always been there for me. He is accurate and on point. I will continue to speak to him for guidance on my situation. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again!

- Chris Giorno

14 Jul 2016 04:41

Sonia im honestly not sure when is a good time to message you!If you can tell me when our connection is good again then id be thankful!

- jazmin

14 Jul 2016 04:39

thank yoh again for your reading it is always a blessing to hear from you

- Celia

14 Jul 2016 03:35

She seems so right on the mark and definitely helping me keep the faith! Excited for thr future. Thank you so much:)

- Katherine

14 Jul 2016 02:51

Thankyou Ashlee for being honest really appreciate it and I do enjoy your readings you are very accurate.

- Shaaz

14 Jul 2016 02:37

Thankyou Ashlee for being honest really appreciate it and I do enjoy your readings you are very accurate.

- Shaaz

14 Jul 2016 00:50

she's amazing!!

- Chau

14 Jul 2016 00:19

thank you Jenna for taking time out to talk with me, I love ur spirit!

- Karon

14 Jul 2016 00:09

thankyou you're always helpful and i really appreciate you taking time and providing me with such a detailed answer thanks again :)

- Tuli

13 Jul 2016 23:53

great . very detailed and the money .

- Shaily

13 Jul 2016 23:50

thank you so much Ashley, I appreciate your support and kind words...

- Erika

13 Jul 2016 22:18

Really joyful reading, and fast enough response. I hope it all will come to pass:) Ashlee is one of the best !

- Anna Sicova

13 Jul 2016 22:14

Thank you Ashlee, it's much appreciated, yes it's hard but I will give space where space is needed.. thank you again for begin informative.

- Karon

13 Jul 2016 22:07

Thanks Sonia for always being there for me when i need you.

- T

13 Jul 2016 21:58

Nina as always you're amazing. You're #1 on here. You connect the best to me and you tell me straight forward good or bad about my situation. I truly appreciate that and you haven't steered me wrong! Really the best!

- Vanessa

13 Jul 2016 21:53

Izabelle is now one of my go to psychics. I'm grateful for her insight on the person and seems to really connect.

- Vanessa

13 Jul 2016 20:55

very good reply Miroslav... thank you for your detailed and long reply.., you are so accurate and on the spot... your reply is much appreciated... many thanks again.

- Star

13 Jul 2016 20:42

nina gives quite long replies and seems to be in tune with my situation, has definitely picked up on things i haven't mentioned. often takes a long time to reply, but maybe thats because shes popular and has a lot if readings to get through? waiting patiently to see if her predictions come to pass. thanks Nina :)

- Lou

13 Jul 2016 20:10

Nina always makes me feel better after talking to her. love her

- Nichole

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