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11 Apr 2016 09:10

very straight and to the point, highly recomend her

- Chelsey

11 Apr 2016 09:09

lily asked me to write a review, after that reading how could i not? shes very detailed and to the point, very real and down to earth. appreciate it much! dont hesitate at all, push the chat button!

- Chelsey

11 Apr 2016 07:33

great feeling with her makes u feel welcom and straight to the point honest answers xx definately reccomend x

- Aisha

11 Apr 2016 05:34

she told me what i already knew but didnt answer the question that i asked her. im sure shes great, we just didnt connect well i dont think

- Chelsey

11 Apr 2016 04:17

very staright and to the point, much appreciated.

- Chelsey

11 Apr 2016 03:10

lisa always seems to lift my spirits and have me look at things in a different perspective. Such a true friend and angel.

- Dell denay jenkins

11 Apr 2016 03:07

amazing women so lovly so caring i hve found a ture friend in desire she is a blessing in my life ...thank u so much sweet angel .xxx

- Chetz

11 Apr 2016 01:19

Lisa is so honest with such a living way of telling you what is foing on. Lisa predictions are accurate to the T. When she told me what i need to hear, not only are they accurate but they feel right. Thank you so much for taking the time and helping me with my life. I now have a better understanding of whats going on.

- Amanda

11 Apr 2016 00:49

Izabelle was kind and responsive. i am hoping her predictions come to pass as she knew particular timelines of when i thought events would happen!

- Jaclyn

10 Apr 2016 21:05

shes ok but i was just confused a little of what she said..i want a specific answer

- Racquel

10 Apr 2016 21:01

its a short answer. j just want more details

- Racquel

10 Apr 2016 20:59

amazing as always! i love nina i dont know what i would do without her

- Bealuv

10 Apr 2016 17:25

very cpmpassionate and detailed thank you for assuring me and encouraging me and helping me make the best decision for my relationship!

- Brandi

10 Apr 2016 16:18

amazing women made me feel so much better after a little talk with her and she goes into details abt your worrys so defo worth a reading with lisa xxxx

- Chetz

10 Apr 2016 14:01

Tina is so great at predicting the future. She has calmed my nerves so much these days!

- Elizabeth

10 Apr 2016 10:51

She is AMAZING! all the insecurities you have and negativity will be out the window. she hit the nail right on the head with her reading. I feel very happy abd very optimistic for my soon events! I totally recommend Lisa, she's very warm and kind.

- Kassandra

10 Apr 2016 10:40

i am so looking forwad for these up coming months, patiently waiting wonderful reading. i will be keeping in touch soon.

- Tiffani

10 Apr 2016 10:36

lisa's amazing! definitely put my mind at ease! thank you so much!

- Neha awasthi

10 Apr 2016 09:25

love her she has been right with her perdictions and shes very helpful and friendlly its like talking with a best friend ! thank you yania <3

- Sheala

10 Apr 2016 09:22

very comforting and positive.

- Dell denay jenkins

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