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20 Jun 2016 02:48

She said the man I asked about would talk to me within this month, but he's been ignoring me for a week now and he blocked me again on social media. I wish Ashlee would see this and tell me what went wrong and what's going on.. i guess he hates me.. now, I'm very upset.. i was hoping her predictions would come true.. but he blocked me today..

- Michele P

20 Jun 2016 01:57

lovely message but took a fee days to reply. still waiting for reply to second message a week later. a shame as i felt she really connected to my situation.

- Lou

19 Jun 2016 23:19

Prediction came true a few months later or starting to. very shocked! impressive

- Sara

19 Jun 2016 22:53

thank you mollie but can you please answer one of my questions?I need clarity!

- jazmin

19 Jun 2016 22:45

dont think we connected well; pretty gave me a motivational speech and didnt really answer my questions . but she was really sweet about it

- Casey

19 Jun 2016 14:04

shes a beautiful reader, easy going, down to earth person, and she have blown me away with a long details that I enjoyed a lot. I would recommonded anyone to have a reading with her. Thanks Sabrina x

- Carolyn

19 Jun 2016 14:00

Her readings have blown me away. she is very down to earth, easy energy and great connection in a short detail however she is also straightforward. Thanks. I would recommonded anyone to have a reading! ashlee :-) xx

- Carolyn

19 Jun 2016 10:18

thankyou, always know the right words to say, very reassuring.

- Mandy-Lee

19 Jun 2016 08:46

She is direct and concise and hardest working gal in the business with quick replies and advice that is considerate and gifted.

- Roshan

19 Jun 2016 06:13

she is just brilliant! detailed and long answers shows how much she cares:) amazing!!

- Harpreet Kaur Gill

19 Jun 2016 04:19

Great reading!!

- Brittany

19 Jun 2016 01:26

mollie is great she predicted things that many other psychics have predicted and im sure itll come to pass.Think about it,why else would these psychics say all of these things?They have nothing against you,you just gotta have faith that it will come to pass!

- jazmin

18 Jun 2016 23:36

She is very kind and gives very detailed and good messages. Ahe is very helpgul when answering my questions and gives me great guidance!

- Lauren

18 Jun 2016 22:57

If I could, I would be asking her questions everyday. She even told me some things I didn't even asked about. I love that. I wish I can ask her more questions right now.

- Michele P

18 Jun 2016 10:39

Fantastic! Detailed answer and really good reading. He is good.

- Sara

18 Jun 2016 10:37

Amazingly honest and accurate. Genuine.

- Sara

18 Jun 2016 10:31

u always set my heart and mind at peace.. waiting..hugs..

- S

18 Jun 2016 08:41

She was actually good... she told me there was some distance between me and the man I asked about, and she was right. i didn't even have to tell her that. i wish she could go into more details..but she is very accurate with my current situation and she actually answers my questions. I'm very happy with my first reading. i will update again within this month about her first prediction. i hope she sees this.

- Michele P

18 Jun 2016 08:29

He does give a long and detailed answer, but he didn't really answer my questions. I knew I would have a bad feeling about getting a reading from him. He's nice, but I'm going to stay away from getting anymore readings from him. that doesn't mean you shouldn't try him tho.. he and I just didn't connect well. some things i agreed with what he said, but i didn't enjoy his reading and he isn't worth my money. i hope he isn't offended.

- Michele P

18 Jun 2016 08:16

I don't know who I like more, Sonia, Tina, or Ashlee? very hard to choose... Sonia is my third favorite. she's very accurate in what she says, but I don't know about the timeframes yet.

- Michele P

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