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from the age of 2 -5 years old ,we lived on our families haulage yard ,which happened to be an old canadian air force base from the second world war.every night in the early hours i would get woken up by a gentleman ,sometimes he would speak other times he would just look at me,i would wonder around the yard talking to what my family called imaginary friends.being a haulage yard there was a large amount of lorry drivers,a large amount of them had seen images in certain buildings and was afraid to be in the yard alone at night time.when i was young,i would tell my grandmother events that had happened ,within the family ,which i would argue that i was there,when in fact they had happened years sometimes decades before i was born.i could see colours around people ,but thought that it was a child i would allways say to my mother "life is just a dream and one day i will wake up".my grandmother encouraged me to tell her events that i had seen all thoughs years ago before i was a child id have "conversations"in my head ,which i found out was spirit.most of my life i was able to sense events within our family which would grandmothers favourite saying to me as i grew up was that "your life is mapped out before youre born".allthough my grandmother said certain things i do believe she had "the gift "aswell and encouraged 9 years old my father had cancer and passed when i was 14,my contact with spirit seemed to have left me until at 19 i was facing a window and saw my fathers face in a door in a window behind me.i got married had children,then the marriage broke down and spirit came back into my life ,one night i was given message after message and was a bit dubious until i spoke to a psychic medium at 4am ,who was expecting my call.i would give messages to friends and family.i then had an accideent which changed my life completly,i injured my spine and 7 years later was diagniosed with fibromylgia,i was pumped full of drugs for 8 years and again spirit was put to the back of my mind.i came off the medication a year ago and now spirit has come back to me thick and fast,over the years i had gone to spiritualist churches and was asked to join their circles which i never did,until i came across a newly open centre in my area,and then i found my want and need to join the circle which is where i met my mentor and good friend with a nudge in the right direction,i am now connecting with sprirt.

Claire's Testimonials

08 Apr 2018 16:27

thx a ton claire..i will update by next month sure it will come to pass..thx for lovely reading & information

- S

08 Apr 2018 12:47

Thank you Claire. il get back to you in a few hours.

- Farah

07 Apr 2018 12:41

im shocked at how spot on she was today!

- Farah

03 Apr 2018 20:36

Great reading. Spot on. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

- Melanie

02 Apr 2018 15:33

I gave alot of details to allow a clear picture. Sadly she was totally off the mark, assuming it was a bog standard simple affair and not seeing the true story. Shame.

- Nicola

31 Mar 2018 19:08

Thank you love

- Farah

27 Mar 2018 14:54

Claire you are responsding like you use to. Giving two lines for an answer is unlike you.

- Farah

17 Mar 2018 20:50

Claire was okay the first time we spoke. The 2nd time I followed up with her am not sure what happened but she confused me. Other than that, her responses were lengthy. She was somewhat accurate

- kate

17 Mar 2018 14:30

Thank you!!

- Brittany C

15 Mar 2018 08:41

Thank you love. :)

- Lauren W

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