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Gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships

I’m a gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships. I can also answer questions regarding job/career/family. I discovered my gift around 30 years ago my mother grandmother and great grandmother also had the gift. I’m here to answer to answer any and all questions of the heart.


- love and relationship
- career and finance
- family
- same-sex relationships
- clairvoyant
- separation and divorce
- past present and future
- dream interpretation

Amy's Testimonials

28 Jun 2017 17:30

always detailed, like she said time lines dont always come to pass. but she is super genuine and tells the truth :) x

- Brittany

28 Jun 2017 03:43

Every reading i recieve from Amy is very detailed and genuine. I truly appreciate that she takes the time to go in depth to answer my questions. Thank you so much Amy you are definitely my favorite!! I definitely recommend!!

- Mania

24 Jun 2017 18:54

thank u

- T

22 Jun 2017 10:04

thank you Amy for your detailed reply. much appreciated. will chat soon xx

- Star

22 Jun 2017 04:30

Thank you, Amy! I appreciate your quick, detailed reply. I get what you mean and I just have to give things time.

- Brittany

20 Jun 2017 20:38

i love Amy, she sends the most detailed long messages and is so understanding. I always message when shes off-line and she always reaponds eventualy. Time will tell about her prediction, but if it turns out shes right it would be a miricale in itself- i will be back to let you know the outcome, i have hope now but cant see what shes saying will happen either.... we will see x x

- Kimbberley jones

17 Jun 2017 16:05

Thank you Amy. You have a wonderful way of being positive, encouraging and accurate. I have started talking to other men and Im open to that possibility

- Just Me

16 Jun 2017 06:05

lovely reading..thx amy. .I will follow your advice

- S

13 Jun 2017 05:19

The best!!!

- Joleesa

13 Jun 2017 00:15

Thank you for always being so detailed and thorough in your readings. I appreciate the effort you put into each reading and i definitely appreciate the accuracy of your readings. Thank you again!!

- Mania

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