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Extraordinarily Accurate Gifted Evidential Psychic Medium

Peter was born in 1974 and is based on the South Coast of the United Kingdom in Hampshire. He developed an interest in Spiritualism and Mediumship whilst still a boy and at a very young age after a sudden death had taken place in his home. The interest in Communicating with the Spirit World was born! Peter developed his Mediumship with a very experienced Spiritualist Medium who became a very special friend. He has also been a practising Psychic since he was a teenager and now helps others who wish to develop their abilities .
He is indeed and without any doubt an “ Extraordinarily , Accurate Gifted Evidential Medium & Psychic “ with many thousands of return clients , having trusted in his accuracy and online guidance for over a decade .

Peter's Testimonials

08 Mar 2017 09:41

hi Peter thankyou for the readings .. second one took a while to get back but i appreciate you are busy.. little vague and off point .. not sure whos grandmother you are talking about? thought you meant my exes.. my grandma was called Nana tho

- Anne

08 Mar 2017 09:28

answers your questions with more questions so you have to keep paying for more questions to try and get an answer, whereas just about every other reader can give you an answer with one question. dissapointing. and his responses seem more like advice than anything remotely psychic. the recent reviews from others are spot on. so unless you can afford to spend multiple questions id avoid this reader. Sorry Peter but it is how it is.,

- Dwayne

08 Mar 2017 01:12

can u please answer my questions i sent u another reading and waiting for your response. please and thank u kindly

- Linda

07 Mar 2017 23:48

greatly appreciate if you could kindly answer my questions:(

- Sharlyn Garcia

07 Mar 2017 22:52

thank you buy you didnt answer my questions. his past is indeed important but thats something that is quite well known ...

- Eva

07 Mar 2017 22:28

he didnt answer my questions and kept asking me questions.

- Chelsey

07 Mar 2017 21:34

can you plz amswer my qjestions you didnt answer one very dispaooitend. will vhange this review if my questions are amdwered m. and to your amswer hes i studied dental

- Adriana

16 Nov 2015 05:47

Very reasuring reading for me Hope all his predictions come true :)    

- Nancy

31 Oct 2015 17:28

Peter has read for me for many years. He is calm, gentle, compassionate, accurate and can name names. His mediumistic abilities are his best suit. If you are in grief, he consoles. If you are searching for answers, he can help. I highly recommend him.

- Ayesha

18 Oct 2015 00:04

Thank you very much Peter! I really enjoyed my first chat with you. There were very accurate visions that reflected my current situation.

- Georgia

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