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Accurate and Detailed Psychic, 40 years of experience.

Hi, my name is Diane. I am a psychic reader and an advisor. I am a 3rd generation psychic. I have inherited the ability to read energy and auras. I have been giving readings since I was 11 years old and I have 40 years of experience. I’m also licensed and bonded. I specialize in reading about love, relationships, marriage, and also LGBT relationships. I will tell you facts about the individuals in question. I will let you know compatibility, intentions, level of compassion, what ever facts or questions you need about an individual to better understand and be aware of the situation. I will tell you if you have found your soulmate, twin flame, or burning flame. To get these answers all I need is names and dates of birth. I give answers and advice about finance, career, business, life purpose. I will tell you about your karma and also about your dharma. I will tell you your past as it was, your present as it is, and your future as it shall and will be. 

Attention: here on Live psychic chat as an advisor I am prohibited from sharing any medical advise or health questions. 

I look forward to giving you a reading thanks 

Diane 's Testimonials

29 Mar 2018 06:46


- T

23 Mar 2018 23:09

many thanka for your kind reply and answering my questions...will chat soon...thank you.

- Star

23 Mar 2018 08:00

dodnt answer what i asked for...i already know what he is like and things about him..i didnt need to know that..i would prefer if my questions was answered instead of letting me know how he is..we have been good friends so ofcourse i know how he is...i didnt need to know that...

- Star

23 Mar 2018 02:42

She’s nice but I don’t think I’ll be contacting her again. I feel like I wasted $4. She gave a time frame, but her answer wasn’t very detailed and was kind of short and she didn’t answer all of my questions. She did give advice and told me to stay positive though.

- Kelsey

23 Mar 2018 00:04

didnt answer all my questions i need a refund it was pointless because im not trying to get advice im trying to get all my questions answered for $4 >:(.. hello???

- Tyronda

22 Mar 2018 12:53

Diane was on point with everything I asked her.


22 Mar 2018 06:09

Thanks for your quick insight! I hope to hear more again from you. Nice!

- Eleanor Marie Nario

21 Mar 2018 07:21

Diane was prompt and detailed. her timeline is 4months whereas everyone else say this month. given that difference I'm sure I wont be around loqng enough to prove or disprove. I've decided to stop looking for psychics and help myself instead but lovely lady all the same!!

- Rashdah

21 Mar 2018 02:44

she is on point. i got a reading over the phone( not from nobody on here) and the lady said the same thing Ms. Diane had already told me in her reading.❤

- Asia

20 Mar 2018 23:40

Diane has a sweet engery to her. yes some response where not a lot of detail. But being a psychic myself ppl need to understand that not all psychic can pick up on every tiny detail we use what is called our engery to sence out predictions an what we see an hear. I will tell you as a psychic myself we too are only human not all psychic are 100% correct an we do just puck up on very general engeries an if thats what we are being told to by our guides to tell you we do so... it don't mean the reader is wrong or don't have a gift it's just what's coming across at that point an time. also we all have free will to so that can change the path of things. I just want to say Diane you a very sweet kind reading an tell what you see not what ppl want you to tell them. I thank you for your insight. LOVE & LIGHT

- Godseyes

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