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Clairvoyant Empathic Claire audience and Medium

Hello my name is Danielle I am a natural born clairvoyant empathic Claire audience and medium. Come chat with me to learn about your future  to come with detailed answers with specific time frames.

Danielle's Testimonials

29 Jul 2017 18:48

I would give her even less if possible she came up with a typical Asian story which doesn't apply to me at all. really disappointed.

- Rashdah

27 Jul 2017 20:08

very harsh, and unfortunately not accurate. what gave me the tip off was when she said "signs seem compatible" any honest reader knows that your "sign" is actually a psychology; so much more goes into that. she was very wrong about my situation and her previous photo was of a completely different person in case anyone hasn't noticed. very suspicious

- Gill

18 Jul 2017 16:28

thank you!

- Yalitza

17 Jul 2017 11:58

very accurate.

- Michelle

14 Jul 2017 21:03

completely off track. started talk8ng about culture caste and his parents not liking me but whereas we are of the same culture caste and his parents like me.

- Rashdah

14 Jul 2017 18:05

Thank u so much for your lovely reading & prediction. Matches up with what others have said also. Hope it comes to pass. Thank you again and I will keep u updated xx

- Laura

14 Jul 2017 06:24

Her predictions for contact came to pass :) now just waiting for the relationship to get better :)

- Amani

09 Jul 2017 15:29

Thank you for the encouragement. I've started writing again! I love it! oh my, it has been so long.

- Safa

09 Jul 2017 14:53

thank you again .. i will let you onow of your right about he person if they are the one .. great reading

- Celia

09 Jul 2017 03:17

u might be right, but did only repeat my question back as my answer. no new insight. so no real sense of any connection.

- Lilmy

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