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Clairvoyant Empathic Claire audience and Medium

Hello my name is Danielle I am a natural born clairvoyant empathic Claire audience and medium. Come chat with me to learn about your future  to come with detailed answers with specific time frames.

Danielle's Testimonials

01 Jun 2017 06:42

Thank you! very good insight!

- Naz

01 Jun 2017 00:02

i think only half of your message to me came through as it sounded like there was more you were going to say?

- Morgan

31 May 2017 23:23

another beautiful reading from this lovely lady. the message you gave me brought me tears. i pray what you have seen and shared will come to pass. love & light <3

- Lorena

31 May 2017 23:18

Thank you so very much for your insight! and kindness very insightful!!

- Naz

31 May 2017 16:52


- Joleesa

31 May 2017 16:44

lovely reader, so far she is spot on. thank you.

- Lorena

31 May 2017 16:11

only half of your message has came through

- Just me

31 May 2017 15:22

very good reader!

- Charlotte

31 May 2017 15:05

thankyou so much, amazing... but what do u mean by forest realationship sorry i did not understand that could u just clear that up... thank you so much for the reading, i really appreciate it so much :) xxxx

- Brittany

31 May 2017 14:56

I asked a detailed question which included names, genders, ages, date of births, length of relationship/marriage etc. Question was specifically about my wife, and if we'd reunite. Her response - "How long have you known this man?" I do hope she's mistakenly responded to someone elses question....but if her answer/response is a question which means you have to waste another question to HOPEFULLY get an answer.....well I will not be wasting any more question/money...hence the poor review.

- Dwayne

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