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In-depth Spiritual Insight. Love Specialist.

I have been an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor for over 24 years. I began using my gifts by performing in-person readings for family and friends and then moved into phone readings. When I had children, I found providing phone services inappropriate, so I hooked up to the internet!  I have provided my services internationally online via email and live sessions, through various web sites and portals. I have done in-person readings in office, at clients homes and at events, and by appointments at a local metaphysical shoppe. 

In the past I have conducted ANGEL COMMUNICATION workshops and help people make their own connections to the spiritual world. I am a published author of a Self Help Book, YOU, ONLY BETTER. I help local groups with coping with deceased loved ones, and terminal illnesses. I have completed my Level III Advanced Reiki & Distance Healing and will be continuing with my Master Reiki Level. I am a member of Tarot Canada International. I use 5 different Tarot Decks and 3 different kinds of "Angel" Cards. Sometimes I use the “witches runes” and the “viking runes” for other divination purposes. I connect with my guides and angels, and my beloved Grandmother, to get the answers and advice that my clients seek. My gifts include the abilities to hear, see, feel and understand the spiritual beings that I connect with. I have helped people reach loved ones who have passed over, and who wish to use me as their medium.

But most of all, I am a regular person just like you. I am a hockey mom of 2 teenage boys, and I have survived a divorce, and figured out how to be a single mom. I am born under the sign of Sagittarius. My true passion is helping others find their way in life, get some answers, and move onward and upwards! I have been referred to as a "god sent" many times, and I always say * That’s why I am here! *

Life is all about choices, so “choose” to have an honest and accurate reading. I will not tell you what I think you want to hear, nor will I sugarcoat the truth. I tell it like I am meant to, and that is why you are here, to get accurate answers and guidance for your own journey called life! I look forward to providing you with insights, providing you with angel messages, messages from your loved ones and helping you with all your concerns.

~Onwards and Upwards!~

Jen's Testimonials

18 Aug 2017 20:37

ABSOLOUTELY horrible reading..rude and disrespectful. making inappropriate jokes when all i wanted was some psychic advice. her 'advice' was pants and showed no empathy at alll let alone a psychic gift. what a rip off.. save ya money

- Anne

17 Aug 2017 17:07

Jen is awesome! she is really empowering and you can tell she puts a lot of thought into what she writes. I like that she gives guidance and predictions and shows that she cares about YOU and that its is not a generic answer.

- Carrie

09 Aug 2017 22:37

shes been very spot on about everything so far and she takes her time to answer all of your questions

- Charlotte

08 Aug 2017 22:59

you are amazing you pick up on things that i didnt even tell you thanks alot

- Shana jackson

06 Aug 2017 22:19

She is very honest and would highly recommend. At first I was thrown off by how honest she was, but I know she has my best interest. If you want truth she is your girl!

- Carrie

04 Aug 2017 04:39

Her prediction for contact came to pass!! thank you jen! :)

- Amani

28 Jul 2017 19:25

she seems very on point and very detailed readings!

- Michelle

26 Jul 2017 23:26

was on the money with time frames and predictions. also pinpointed my feelings as of today.

- Karen

26 Jul 2017 23:12

Jen gave an exact time and was on the money with her reading.

- Karen

18 Jul 2017 17:17

dont think we connected well and didnt answer all the questions after a long time waiting thanks anyway

- T

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