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Psychic Love and Relationship Specialist

I have been a psychic for 17 years I mastered my psychic abilities in Sedona Arizona. I have worked with the best psychics in Sedona i enjoy the satisfaction of guiding clients on the right path that was chosen for them but had a difficult time finding it. I have travelled from state to state to help many people guiding them giving answers and predictions advice and option.

I am an honest truthful psychic I don't tell you what you desire to hear I tell the truth whether it’s good or bad. if you are lost and confused and don't know what direction to go or don't know if he/she is the one do you wonder if you are on the right path in life contact me today for the answers you need and desire I will answer all your questions you have. I will tell you the truth I will take your confusion away leaving you with a clear state of mind and at peace.

Looking forward from hearing from you love and light


•    Love
•    Marriage 
•    Dating
•    Same Sex Relationships
•    Career 
•    Finances 
•    Family and Friends
•    Twin Flames 
•    Divorce and Affairs
•    Soulmate Connection
•    Reuniting Love Ones
•    Tarot Cards
•    Clairvoyance
•    Clairsentience
•    Claircognizanc

Janet's Testimonials

11 Apr 2018 02:18

Man Wonderful insight she's great she my favorite reader and my best friend I can ask her anything and she got all my answers to my questions wonderful insight

- Tiffany

10 Apr 2018 01:35

thank you, you're very comforting.

- Ori

09 Apr 2018 02:48

Thankyou so much

- Jigyasa

06 Apr 2018 20:45

Most accurate on this app.

- Farah

06 Apr 2018 20:41

Janet thankyou..i will wait

- Jigyasa

06 Apr 2018 05:33

Thank you so much for making me feel better. ❤

- Farah

05 Apr 2018 04:28

Janet is very patient, acurate and kind. I have had a couple of readings with her and she has been amazing, accurate and professional every time. I have been very worried and anxious in recent weeks; but she has been phenomenal, honest and helpful. She seems to connect well with situations and provides very clear and insightful responses. Some of her predictions did come to pass. Waiting for others to come to fruition as well; however I understand that free will can also alter the course of one's life. In all this lady has helped me through the most difficult time in my life and no matter what, I'll forever remain grateful. Paraphrasing Maya Angelo, it's not always about what a person says or does but people will always remember how you made them FEEL. This lady has a great and kind spirit that is reflected in her readings; such great empathy she has as well. Thank you Ms. Janet.

- Me

05 Apr 2018 04:08

I just love this woman she has great insight everyone stop going to psychic's that gives false answers .....Janet the only psychic that keeps it honest and picks up on things right away she's the real deal please give this ok lady a try she doesn't sugar coat things

- Tiffany

05 Apr 2018 03:42

Always accurate & fast, long re assuring responses !! Ty ❤️

- Katie

04 Apr 2018 03:11

Thank you for easing my mind.

- Melanie

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