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Accurate Insight, Genuine Answers.

Iam a 4th generation thrid eye clairvoyant psychic reader and advisor i have the ability to see into your past present and future all with great clarity and depth to get you the answers you need to your deepest and most troubling questions in life my gifts include but are not limited to psychic reader master of the tarot medium and empath spirit guide counselor and more. I specialize in love and relationships career and finance family friends and more...i pride myself on my ability to provide specific dates and time frames one session with me is guaranteed to put your mind heart and spirit at ease. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and may angels of light guide you through your darkest of paths be blessed.

Tiffany's Testimonials

25 Jan 2018 01:35

very prompt. really nice and understanding.

- Dolores

24 Jan 2018 21:38

Thank you! You don't sugarcoat- amazing reading.

- Lauren W

24 Jan 2018 21:38

THANK YOU SO MUCH TIFFANY. You are very accurate. Your response was very loving. BLESSINGS ANGEL

- Lauren W

24 Jan 2018 06:49

shebrings immense relief wit her readings.its not one or two line answers but very detailed wen i ask her to redo my readings (twice this month).very kind caring n friendly waiting for her prediction to pass which is wen ill be bk to giv her all five stars. try her n she wont disappoint.

- SV

24 Jan 2018 04:05

Thanks so much Tiffany! girl you're amazing. Appreciate all the detail and time you put into the long readings you send me :)

- Rikki

24 Jan 2018 01:43

Reading was postitive and to the point, hopefully prediction comes to pass.

- Kim

21 Jan 2018 21:36

what? your msg didnt make sense. plz clarify, and I will order another reading and update rating. previous readings w you were great...

- Sarah

21 Jan 2018 12:12

Very dissappointed. I read the reviews here stating that the conversation with Tiffany will be detailed, and that she will respond quick. Not only was the response rather slow, but after a question i asked about my soul mate, her only reply was general and generic.. and i quote "....give him some time and space and I do see he will open up And I do see a strong connection". What detail? i expressed concern about a particular scenario.... I didn't wait nearly ten mins m pay $5 CAD for a generic response of her telling me about a strong connection that i already know about! i mean what else is a soul mate for? I am upset and dissappointed that i specifically asked for clarity and DID NOT get that. i feel ripped off. Where is the detail response and "accurate insight" that is claimed on your profile?

- Jenny

18 Jan 2018 12:23

Thanks Tiffany! Your responses are not only fast but also detailed!! i really appreciate them!

- Susan

18 Jan 2018 03:43

very long and detailed reading it is just there is some typos witch is why i barely undestand

- Ndella

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