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Accurate, real insight no false hope.

 My psychic ability  has been in the family  for many years  it allows me to look into the past present and future  I have helped many people all over around the world surrounding love health  happiness jobs career finance marriage and much more  I look forward to making people happy and leading them on the right path

Crystal 's Testimonials

22 May 2017 15:43

no great detail

- Just me

22 May 2017 03:37

okay... it was good info.

- Alicia

22 May 2017 01:26

Lovely reader she was detailed and, will wait on what she sees for me. Thank you for taking the time to ease my thoughts and gicing me guidance.

- Lorena

22 May 2017 01:17

very prompt! honest & detailed.

- Sheila

21 May 2017 00:54

Very kind and in detail reading. Lovely energy and beautiful soul. Thank you

- Monika

20 May 2017 23:05

Thank you for the honesty!

- Brittany

18 May 2017 08:03

I love that she's honest and polite. thanks for the readings xx

- Maryanne

17 May 2017 02:05

at the start she gave details now not so much and doesnt answer my questions, short

- Michelle

17 May 2017 01:35

crystal, the reading had typos in it and i dont really understand what your saying with the typos. could you clarify what you mean please and thank you

- Jen

17 May 2017 01:27

Thank you

- Monika

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