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Positive Compassionate Accurate Psychic. Direct Insight. Details On Thoughts & Feelings

I belong to the community of people with extrasensory perception who always use this extraordinary gift from God to help people transform their lives. I am always positive, compassionate and willing to help. People trust me more than their loved ones most of the time and it is my utmost priority to value their trust and take them out of the mess they are trapped in.

I have an extensive background in dealing with crisis situations and working with individuals going through extreme emotional turmoil. I am caring, compassionate, non-judgmental and most of all able to give you clarity on your future. 

I am a great listener and will allow you the time you need to express your feelings about your circumstances. Sometimes we really need to get it all out before we are ready to sit back, take a deep breath, and let someone guide us in a new direction or help us mend the path we are on. 

I believe we can change anything, and that there are no mistakes, and we should have no regrets. Regret stems from situations we have not yet learned from. In order to make change we need to look at ourselves as well as those around us.

I am also a realist. If you are in a path that is simply not going to work out for you I won’t spin you a fairy tale. You need to know what your real options are so you can make clear choices, positive decisions, and get on a path that is going to bring you true happiness.

I have the tools to help you through those difficult times and get you back on the path that is right for you. The path that will lead you to happiness we all deserve. My readings are accurate, precise and informative. I can reach to the depth of your soul and can answer all questions that come to your mind regarding love, relationships, finance, career, education, children and so on.

I speak clearly and directly. I don’t sit here spewing light and love. Although I look at things in the positive I understand some situations are causing you to feel nothing but negative. I am sympathetic to these situations. I can empathize with you and feel your pain with you and help you ease that by providing impacting solutions. 

I take an empathic and sensible approach. I do not read tarot or read palms. I don’t even characterize people by dates of birth. I tap directly into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those I read for and give you detailed descriptions of what drives and motivates them. 

How I conduct a session

When I read for you I will ask you a brief background on what is going on that have brought you to me today. I will ask for first names and date of births. Then you may ask your questions and we will begin.

I hope you will allow me to work with you on finding the reasons behind things that have happened, work toward mending the damage done, and looking forward to an empowered future!

- Love & Relationship
- Soulmate Connections
- Reuniting loved ones
- Breaking up & Divorce
- Cheating & affairs
- Single & Dating
- Same Sex Relationships
- Intimacy
- Career
- Family
- Past Life
- Clairvoyant
- Astrology
- Twin Flames
- Dream Interpretation
- Numerology
- Photo reading

Sarika's Testimonials

22 Feb 2017 13:58

he never contacted me on vals day neither after it..sorry predict didnt pass

- S

22 Feb 2017 13:35

Pls respond to my message dear.

- Nanthini

22 Feb 2017 09:42

She is a good reader and provides detailed readings.

- Nanthini

21 Feb 2017 14:43

picked up on my situation straight away and was very on point with what she said. lovely lady highly recomend

- Charlotte

21 Feb 2017 04:23

She takes her time when responding and gives thoughtful readings. She also has a realistic approach, she explains things clearly. I like reading with her

- Fabi

20 Feb 2017 15:52

Sarika tok her time to give me a very detailed answer. It felt like she was being generous and honest. Now I will just have to wait for the prediction to come pass. I cannot wait for that. I will update whenever it does and if it does. Thank you.

- Vi

20 Feb 2017 07:18

shes the real deal, xo. i look forward to talking with her more!

- Lexi Bazil

19 Feb 2017 07:21

Sarika's small predictions have passed! Her Valentine's Day prediction at first was incorrect but when she followed up it was correct. Her advice is spot on with what to say and do and has worked wonders. Awaiting big prediction.

- Marissa

18 Feb 2017 12:51

thank you again for your reading i will be back again for more question to come

- Celia

18 Feb 2017 01:28

The reading was too general for me. I don't think she fully picked up on what's going on, a lot of what she said is applicable to men in general and the guy I asked about is very complex not the typical guy. And intuitively I don't believe what she said.

- Aisha

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