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Love & Relationship Specialist

Hi I'm a 3rd generation natural born clairvoyant psychic reader I have a little over 20 years experience I can tell past,present and future connecting to your energy allows me to offer you a very detailed  Reading  I specialize in love and relationship but can also focus on all matters of life concerning love,career,friends and family I can give  you the guidance that you are looking for in your time of need I'm here to help Guide you on the path that has been truly meant for you there can be a positive outcome in a negative situation and I can help get you to the point of making the right decision in order for there to be a positive outcome!!!!!! Thank you for taking time out to View my profile here on Live Psychic Chat

Julie's Testimonials

23 Mar 2017 22:46

can you answer the question about contact please?

- Just me

23 Mar 2017 16:35

thank you your awesome very sweet thank you julie

- Tiffanie

23 Mar 2017 10:16

Julie has been very insightful, helpful and accurate so far in her predictions. she is trustworthy and I have faith that her guidance will stay solid going forward

- Cindy

22 Mar 2017 19:48

can u answer the other questions plz

- T

22 Mar 2017 16:40

pls answer

- T

20 Mar 2017 20:23

Julie is very insightful, professional and polite. I can't help but trust her. She is confident in her readings x thank you x

- Reema

20 Mar 2017 16:33

hopefully things come to fruition.

- Leslie

19 Mar 2017 05:28

im not happy at all for what she have done to me and my husband and everything u said was wrong

- Shenita

18 Mar 2017 10:05

Wow incredible! Thank you x

- Reema

17 Mar 2017 21:09

julie no way i want him to walk away! i just want to know what he will do as its been a long time now since you saw him return ..

- Anne

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