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Natural born psychic & love specialist.

Hello I have been professionally in business with my psychic studio since the year 2000 I have actually been doing readings this December will be 20 years  since I discovered my gift I believe I'm a natural born psychic. My gifts are clairvoyance. I also do life coaching and of course psychic Tarot readings.


- Love & Relationship
- Soulmate Connections
- Reuniting loved ones
- Breaking up & Divorce
- Cheating & affairs
- Single & Dating
- Same Sex Relationships
- Intimacy
- Career
- Family
- Tarot Reading
- Palmistry
- Clairvoyant
- Angel Card
- Tarot
- Astrology
- Dream Interpretation
- Twin Flames
- Crystal Ball

Christina's Testimonials

10 Jun 2017 04:45

Hi, thank you for the long detailed messages! However, you repeated yourself twice in the second message, could you re-write it or something when you see this review? thanks again!

- Michele

09 Jun 2017 22:51


- Jhannelle

09 Jun 2017 17:37

Her prediction was already happening! She said that I was gonna spend a little more time with the man I asked about in this month. I hung out with him twice last month, but we had planned to hangout again at his place on June 5th. we're planning to hangout more when we can, but we both got jobs and I also spend time with family when I can, but with me working a lot, it's kind of hard for me to do that. anyway, everything she said was accurate. He does have some mental and emotional and health issues. I would know because both him and his mom told me some things he gone through in his past. It's not like she's making it up! anyway, she knows he is interested in me, but he isn't ready and he told me that many times, which I believe. he has a lot of guy friends, but he doesn't really have female friends tho! so, I'm not worried about a girl being around him since most of them ignores him anyway! that can be good or bad! i like this man a lot. and this man likes me a lot too. he told me so. even his parents likes me. which I am glad, shoot, I may even be his first and last girlfriend! who knows! :) anyway, Christina, I left you a message! please let me know if you get it and please answer both questions! thanks!

- Michele

09 Jun 2017 14:21

Hey, just to let you know, me and T talk everyday, but someday are delayed with his replies. please let me know if you've seen my review, I sent you a message!!!

- Michele

09 Jun 2017 02:55

Wow, very long detailed message and she is accurate! however, I hope she responds back to my message soon!

- Michele

08 Jun 2017 13:39

really nice lady - however prediction did not happen. :(

- Kimbberley jones

07 Jun 2017 06:10

love her readings. so informative and caring.

- Kimberly

05 Jun 2017 14:11

Christian thank you for reexplian your messge, however I am confused as to why I won't see him before his bday, that's still 8mos away. love & light to you

- Godseyes

04 Jun 2017 23:23

Hi Christian I am confused with your messge can you Plz reexplian it. not sure what your saying he gonna get close an the withdrawal do to family member not doing well what you mean. I just want to know what is going to come for june an what you mean he won't be in a good mood. He has no clue about the trip I am saving to send him there an he won't know till his bday in jan I was wanting to know what he will say or do when he receive the gift. not sure maybe I go the wrong message that was for someone else. could you plz explain. srry. love an light

- Godseyes

02 Jun 2017 17:25

Thank you for the information!!

- Naz

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