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Gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships

I’m a gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships. I can also answer questions regarding job/career/family. I discovered my gift around 30 years ago my mother grandmother and great grandmother also had the gift. I’m here to answer to answer any and all questions of the heart.


- love and relationship
- career and finance
- family
- same-sex relationships
- clairvoyant
- separation and divorce
- past present and future
- dream interpretation

Amy's Testimonials

16 May 2017 19:34

I miss Amy :(

- Reema

16 May 2017 17:02

I absolutely adore Amy!! She's honest, caring, detailed and so intuned! xoxoxo

- Natalie

16 May 2017 02:20

love love Amy she is so so accurate she is the best very gifted she knows exactly what is going on this aldy is wonderful and amazing thank you Amy

- Linda

16 May 2017 02:04

amy is always honest, to the point, positive, loving and kind. she responds quickly and is always consistent

- Katie

10 May 2017 15:31

hi Amy thank you for your support and detailed message and for being nice and empathic to me all this time but I think its time to accept that certain things are not going to happen. i know you are trying to stick to your predictions but I guess we both know that there is no way back. Thank you for trying to be optimistic and trying to make me feel positive for so many months, you've been my only friend and always kind to me but its hopeless :(

- Erika

07 May 2017 06:43

Long message ..yay c: Hope you're right thanks ! ♡♡

- Mariana

05 May 2017 02:51

I hope you're right!

- Gill

04 May 2017 05:54

Amy is always very kind and spot on in her readings. Thanks again for another detailed reading and for answering all of my questions. You are wonderful thank tou thank you thank you! :)

- Mania

03 May 2017 04:02

just love the positivity..thx a ton amy..thx a lot

- S

02 May 2017 15:27

many thanks Amy for ur kind and long and detailed reply, will take ur advise and wait for some positivity to take place.....thanks again cx

- Star

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