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Gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships

I’m a gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships. I can also answer questions regarding job/career/family. I discovered my gift around 30 years ago my mother grandmother and great grandmother also had the gift. I’m here to answer to answer any and all questions of the heart.


- love and relationship
- career and finance
- family
- same-sex relationships
- clairvoyant
- separation and divorce
- past present and future
- dream interpretation

Amy's Testimonials

09 Dec 2017 08:27


- Chau

08 Dec 2017 22:45

thank you!!

- Jen

08 Dec 2017 19:21

amy was on it, she predicted good things will start happening and they are! i got a new job! i really so hope your other predictions come to pass thanks amy! <3

- Melanie Mendoza

07 Dec 2017 04:19

amazing, the best on here

- Brittany

06 Dec 2017 20:12

thank you amy .. your right the best thing to do it to light up a candle and i do believe and feel what you are talking about i just hope it goes away very soon so i can be happy again will be back soon god bless

- Celia

06 Dec 2017 01:59

please come online

- Melanie Mendoza

05 Dec 2017 23:17

thank you Amy, will be patient with prediction. hope it unfolds soon

- Optimistic

04 Dec 2017 18:54

Amy ❤

- Reema

30 Nov 2017 20:39

thx a ton amy..u always uplift me:):)

- S

30 Nov 2017 20:35

thank you amy for always being there for me. for being the one i can truly count on. i will reply when i get more funds. and i do trust you.. i hope all that you say will come to pass..

- Melanie Mendoza

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