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Gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships

I’m a gifted psychic reader specializing in love and relationships. I can also answer questions regarding job/career/family. I discovered my gift around 30 years ago my mother grandmother and great grandmother also had the gift. I’m here to answer to answer any and all questions of the heart.

Amy's Testimonials

31 Jul 2018 00:57

thank you!

- Jen

27 Jul 2018 19:59

Thank you for answering all of my questions and for the detailed reading.

- Lauren

27 Jul 2018 01:51

thank you amy.

- Jen

26 Jul 2018 05:58

super clear in answering my questions and it definitely feels like it makes sense. i look forward to this coming to fruition. thank you Amy

- Katherine

25 Jul 2018 23:09

Thanks, Amy, but you did not give me a timeframe for when our relationship would get closer. Soon is too vauge for me. Can you please let me know a timeframe?

- Brittany C

22 Jul 2018 19:19

Well Amy you skipped the first two questions and answered the third one kind of. Contact? Feelings? Future yes but to what extent? I don't think you picked up that we are exes bc there isn't any friendship or positive energy right now bc there is no contact which was my first question. The negativity you mentioned maybe correct tho due to our history. I also have no clue what you meant specifically about other opportunities. I appreciate the very long message but I would have been happy with one liners if they answered my questions. I told you I was looking for directivness. I appreciate the honesty about the time frame tho. I'd like to ask for clarification but you went offline immediately. Do you think you could finish answering my questions clearly. Thank you. I rate this 50% until/unless I get further info.

- Melody

22 Jul 2018 16:03

Amys prediction for the other person initiating contact came to pass. I pray the most impt and major predictions come to pass.

- Moi

22 Jul 2018 14:08

Amy told me that there will be contact which will be initiated by the other party. She was right. I look forward to other predictions unfolding.

- Moi

16 Jul 2018 04:36

Thanks Amy for your brilliant advise. You have been very kind. Amy like I said is very nice. No matter what my outcome has been I still very much appreciate her

- Moi

01 Jul 2018 15:26

Thanks Amy. The opposite happened. But you are very nice. Thanks

- Moi

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